Beta 2 is available!

PCSCCC is a fully functional client for the CyanChat protocol (support extends to a theoretical version 2). It requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher (Mono will run it, but there are a few bugs in Mono itself that render it nearly unusable). Features include:

  • Fully implements the (non-existant) CyanChat protocol version 2
  • Full support for ignoring by IP and Private Messages
  • No more lag when new messages are added (yay!)
  • We have clickable hyperlinks in the chat now
  • Ability to provide a custom colour for your username
  • Ability to reverse the chat (default: messages appear at the top)
  • Ignored users appear dark red on the userlist
  • Supports font changes (but at this point does not save font between sessions)
  • Export logs as valid XHTML
  • Support for timestamping
  • Allows users to change their nicknames without logging out
  • Handy links to Cho, CCQDB, and CCR
  • Automatic pinging of the server every 60 seconds
  • IRC-style “/me” support
  • Client responds to PM commands (!version, !time)
  • There’s an easter egg ;) (unfortunately, you won’t get to see it)
  • New option (connect automatically, but don’t auto-login)
  • Complete support for pretty much any UTF-8 character that should ever show up

Please see the enclosed README file for instructions on filing bug reports.

Download the latest version: PCSCCC (.zip format).


One thought on “PCSCCC

  1. Denis says:

    I haven’t tested PCSCCC yet, but I’ve already added it to my list of CyanChat clients over at http://stoneship.org/myst/cyanchatclients/!

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