20170714 – Day 16

Got up at 04:00 again this morning to head back out to Cape Spear for another sunrise.  This morning was great, no clouds in the sky, and much less windy than yesterday.  Again, we headed back to the hotel to catch a bit more sleep.

After breakfast at the hotel, we drove back out to Cape Spear to see the historic lighthouse.  There’s a modern automated light station there now, but it’s also the site of the oldest lighthouse in Newfoundland which still remains as a historic site operated by Parks Canada.  We got a bit of a tour of the site, which also explained a bit of the military history and how it was used as a battery in WWII.

From the top of the hill, you can follow the East Coast Trail out along the headland, so we went a few kilometres along that.  The East Coast Trail runs from the top of the Avalon peninsula down to the bottom along the coastline, and is mostly a rough walking trail.  The part around Cape Spear had fairly minimal elevation change, but had several spots to get a view of the ocean, the lighthouse, icebergs, boats, and whales.


I survived the hike mostly fine, my sister is looking like a well-cooked lobster from the sun.

Next we made our way out to Fort Amherst, which lies across the harbour narrows from Signal Hill.  This had been recommended to us by the provincial commissioner at the Girl Guide office yesterday.  It has a light station (fully automated) and the remains of several military batteries (including an old cannon still mounted), but unfortunately there’s a fence blocking off access to the more crumbly unstable interesting bits.

Our flight home is tomorrow afternoon, but we have to return the rental car to the airport by noon, so we’ll probably end up spending a few hours in the airport.  It’s been great seeing Newfoundland, and — as always — so much more that we would have liked to see if we’d had time.

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