20170711 – Day 13

Today was our “drive to St. John’s” day, and that’s pretty much all we did.  Slept in until 9 (which was nice after several days of early mornings) and then set out on the highway.

We stopped at the visitor information centre in Gander to see about getting a hotel reservation for St. John’s, rather than leaving it to the very last minute.  Most of the hotels were already booked, but we managed to get one a bit of a ways outside of downtown.  The whole Newfoundland portion of this trip we’ve been without hotel reservations and there have been a few close calls because of it.

We made it to St. John’s and got checked in.  I swear when we did our trip in 2008 we had better maps, because navigating in the cities here has been an absolute nightmare.  Our limited maps don’t show all the street names, and half the time there aren’t street signs to tell what the street name even is.  We don’t have cell service in Newfoundland, so Google Maps isn’t an option either (although we did at one point stop at Tim Horton’s to use their wi-fi to find a hotel).

Went up the road a bit for dinner where we could just get some pasta.  We’re all getting a bit tired of restaurant food.