20170706 – Day 8

Today was mostly driving.  We got up around 07:00 for breakfast and then stopped at the Mary March Provincial Museum.  They had some interesting information about how the island was formed and how there are several distinct geological areas:  two tectonic plates, and part of the ocean floor.  The museum was named after Mary March, the name given to a Beothuk woman named Demasduit, who was captured by English settlers after they murdered her husband during a raid.  They later attempted to return her to the Beothuk people, but she died of tuberculosis before they were reunited.

We left Grand Falls-Windsor around 10:00 and headed towards Deer Lake.  We stopped in Deer Lake for lunch, and then carried on towards Gros Morne National Park and Rocky Harbour.

We were lucky enough to find a hotel room in Rocky Harbour for the night, and booked the Western Brook Pond boat trip in Gros Morne for tomorrow morning.  Our plan is to make it up to the top of the island tomorrow and spend the next two nights in St. Anthony while we tour the Viking site at L’Anse-aux-Meadows.

We got dinner at a little restaurant/cafe beside the hotel, and then watched the sunset over the harbour.  There seems to be an issue with connecting to the hotel wi-fi, so I’m ending up connecting via my phone and then tethering my phone via bluetooth so that I can make this post.  Hopefully better connectivity for nights ahead.