20170705 – Day 7

We got continental breakfast at the hotel in Gander, and then set out to drive up to Twillingate.  We stopped at the Beothuk Interpretation Centre in Boyd’s Cove to learn about the now-extinct indigenous people of Newfoundland.  Boyd’s Cove is the site of a historic Beothuk village that was uncovered by archeologists in the 1980s.  The interpretation centre has a trail that leads over to the village site, but a bridge had washed out over the winter so we weren’t able to see it up close.

We drove up to Twillingate, and caught our first glimpse of icebergs off in the distance.  We accidentally continued slightly past Twillingate to Crow Head.  There was a lighthouse there that we toured, and took photos of the one iceberg we could see in the waters nearby there.  We stopped for lunch at a nearby cafe, and then parked in Mutford’s Cove where several more icebergs were visible just off-shore.


While we were standing on an outcropping taking photos, the iceberg in the foreground of that photo cracked into two pieces, and we watched them separate.

Leaving Twillingate, we continued back towards the Trans-Canada Highway and into Grand Falls-Windsor for the night.  The most common road sign here in Newfoundland seems to be “Caution: Potholes Ahead”, which is certainly accurate for pretty much every road we’ve driven on.

We arrived in Grand Falls-Windsor and had a bit of trouble finding a hotel.  The map we were using neglected to label almost any street names, and our guidebook didn’t provide directions.  After going in circles through the town, we ended up resorting to stopping at Tim Horton’s so we could use their wi-fi to find a hotel on Google Maps and get directions to it.  I feel like we had better maps back in 2008, because we definitely weren’t using Google Maps on cell phones back in those days.