20170704 – Day 6

Got up early today to head to the airport for our flight to St John’s.  Breakfast was whatever we could get at Tim Hortons after checking our luggage, and we were on the plane by 09:30 (UTC-05:00).  The flight was about 2 hours long, fairly smooth compared to our first flight to Ottawa.  We landed at St John’s airport around 13:30 (UTC-02:30) and picked up our rental car.

Our plan was to drive to Gander tonight, and then head up to Twillingate tomorrow.  The first part of the drive was fairly boring as far as Clarenville.  The geography here reminds me a bit of the top of local mountains in BC.  Lots of rocky areas with a bit of grass, and small shrubby trees.  It wasn’t all like that, but that was the predominant landscape.

Just past Clarenville, the rain started and then got significantly worse in very short time.  It was bad enough that with the windshield wipers on their fastest setting, we could still barely see the road ahead.  That weather persisted most of the way into Terra Nova National Park, where we briefly stopped at the visitor centre.

We made it in to Gander not too long after 18:00, and tried to find a hotel.  We were all pretty tired at this point, and all still suffering with colds. We had dinner at the hotel restaurant and turned in for the night.