20170630 – Day 2

Got up today and went to a restaurant down the street for breakfast.  We were hoping to rent a car and go to the Diefenbunker today, but apparently there are no car rentals to be had in Ottawa this weekend and no transit service to the Diefenbunker.  Half the people we’ve talked to don’t even know where the Diefenbunker is, and there are no local sightseeing companies that go there, so that’s kind of a disappointment.

We decided instead of go walk around the Byward Market.  One of my coworkers had helped develop a touch-screen interface for a display there, so I wanted to check that out.  Unfortunately it just started to rain lightly when we got off the bus.  We walked through part of the market, checked out the Inspiration Village, and found my coworker’s project in a German exhibit.

We walked up to Major Hill Park, but it was all blocked off in preparation for tomorrow.  So we headed over to the Rideau Canal, but most of that area was also blocked off.  We went through the extensive security to get onto Wellington Street and onto the lawn of the parliament buildings.  The rain was coming down much worse at this point.  We were told that to stake a good spot for tomorrow we should aim to be in line for security by 9am, which was a bit worrying.  Spent the next while walking along Spark Street Mall, got our Tim Hortons and Beavertails. Decided we were tired of the rain and headed back to the hotel.

Got dinner at the food court of the shopping mall across the street from the hotel and wandered around the mall until it closed at 21:00.


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