From My Hands

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I… haven’t touched Blender in 2 months.
I haven’t done any meaningful work in Blender is far longer.
It’s sad for me to say that, because I have things that I want to do and ideas that I want to develop.

We’re losing people. I’ve seen more people lose interest over the past 6 months than I have in any other period of Uru. We’ve been given hopes and promises, and now we’re all waiting for something that might never come. Times change and people get busier, and I feel that need to seriously ask myself why I’m still here.

It’s not because I enjoy it: Uru is depressing these days, and I don’t want to build Ages that nobody will ever explore;
it’s not for the community: I’ve seen almost all the good people lose interest, leaving only the idiots on MOUL worshiping their Holy Blue Lords of Cyan;
it’s not for the potential: time killed whatever potential was left in Uru.
It’s not even for Plasma anymore, the more I see of it, the more I realise how much it could be improved and yet there’s no way to do that.

I thought things would be more open when MOULa started, but instead they’re more closed than before. Any incentive to work on stuff is crushed by Cyan’s continued silence, and the overwhelmingly vocal disapproval of many community members. We all have bad days where we ask “Why do I put up with this?”; but when you’re seriously asking yourself that question every time you think of Uru, maybe it’s time to move on. I don’t want to be part of this anymore.

Uru’s dead, more dead now than before MOULa started. I keep wanting things to change, but I can’t keep pretending that they ever will. Cyan can’t make Uru work. They’ve lost direction and fragmented so much that the only thing keeping them in business is rehashing existing games on new platforms. The “Golden era” ended with Prologue, and came to a crashing halt after Myst V. MOUL never managed to bring any of that back.

The future is uncertain. I can say for sure that prpl-uruki will probably never be finished, and libHSPlasma development has mostly stopped as all the developers lost interest. PyPRP2 is up in the air, very dependent on what happens with Blender and whether there’s still enough interest to keep developing it. Without maintenance and support for the current tools, Age builders will lose interest and drift away, and with them goes any lingering hope for Uru’s potential.

For now, we keep waiting… but maybe someday you have to accept that the story’s over.


One thought on “From My Hands

  1. Mark Wey says:

    I do not feel that Uru is dead or depressing. I am playing it, right now, here in the year 2013. I have plans to design a sort of pipeline helper for age creation and eventually a really good editor. I have the source code to Plasma. Once the first two tasks are completed I can start to work on the programming for the game.

    So if I have not reached you 3 years too late, do not give up. Do not loose hope. Create your ages, and share them with me if nobody else. Perhaps we can collaborate on the projects I have mentioned.

    Don’t give a moment’s thought to Cyan or legal issues. It’s up to the community now, to those who want to see the game properly finished and visited by many explorers. You have to ask yourself if you care enough. If you don’t, that’s OK. But if you have any passion left for Uru, the Myst universe, the worlds of the D’ni, well then you will roll up your sleeves and keep working, or return to work.

    I would like to see alternative modeling tools for Uru so we can use Wings 3D instead of Blender. If we can better support Wings 3D and 3DS Max, making age creation easier and providing good video tutorials, well the modding community will flow in. We must have the right tools though, easy to use, powerful, well documented and supported. We need programmers – good programmers who love the Myst universe. Until then we need to keep creating ages and getting people interested in Uru.

    Contact me at my Facebook page if you are interested.

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