Future of the Web 20100620

  • Starbursts using only CSS3+HTML are a cool idea, and produce a cool effect if used in moderation. Sadly some of the outrageous hover effects on the starbusts near the bottom of the post remind me of terrible GIF rollovers and Flash buttons that plagued the web for years. (Anyoneelse getting GeoCities flashbacks?)
  • This has been around for a bit, but I didn’t find it until I was looking up some CSS animation stuff. Star Wars AT-AT Walker using only CSS animations. There’s also a blog post that explains how it was done.
  • Safari 5 supports border-radius without the -webkit- prefix! Let’s hope for the same in Firefox 4.
  • As cool as it may be, I really hope we don’t start seeing webpages that are designed like http://www.useragentman.com/tests/cssSandpaper/cube3.html. CSS is awesome, but some things should not be used for certain purposes. (HTML is awesome, but <blink>/<marquee> should be used for any purposes ;) ).

2 thoughts on “Future of the Web 20100620

  1. RIUM+ says:

    Marquee should not be used for any purposes? Exhibit A of it doing its stuff! :P

  2. Darryl Pogue says:

    Nope… you should use CSS transformation to do that, not marquee.

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