Future of the Web 20100521


2 thoughts on “Future of the Web 20100521

  1. That is an AWESOME soundmanager2 implementation. It really shows what kind of power the framework is capable of. I love soundmanager2 already (which I use for my streaming customers), but this is something I’ve never seen done before.

    Screw all that Flash overhead.

  2. RIUM+ says:

    H.264 is great, but there are a lot of high-profile features that don’t/will never work on everything thanks to computational requirements and incomplete decoders (eg. even QuickTime doesn’t decode all of the high-profile features correctly, let alone the iPhone’s hardware playback). Comparing it with the baseline H.264 spec subset is what should be really done.. in that respect it compresses “better”, but also uses more CPU power… which is exactly what you would expect from the feature comparison. We shall see where it ends up c.c

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