Victoria, Day I

Woke up at an entirely unreasonable hour (4:30) today to be at school for the bus. Trip to the ferry was rather uneventful, although filled with delicious candy. Ferry trip itself was a bit boring, a number of us were hoping for wireless Internet on the boat, but unfortunately there was none to be found. A few of us played cheat for a while after heading up on the deck. Arrived in Victoria and had some free time for lunch (food court of course! :D) and then a tour of the legislature buildings. The tour this year was much better than last, and I learnt a few things that I hadn’t known before. Then we headed back to check into the hotel, and get things organized. We went out for the group dinner, which unfortunately was to a Chinese buffet-style restaurant. I, alas, am not a big Chinese-food eater. We then walked around downtown for a bit, where Mallika and I took some of the most amazing photographs with Mr. Biggar’s D300 camera. HDR is so definitely FTW! Ghost tour started soon after, and was much like the tour last year, although slightly less exciting IMO. Got back to the hotel, and did a quick Timmies run before bed.

Random fact time: There is only one flavour of ketchup, because ketchup reaches all of the taste areas of the tongue, and in fact saturates them entirely. Ketchup cannot be more “ketchupy” because it’s already overloading the taste sensors in your mouth. This is also why ketchup is so perfect for disguising foods that you don’t like.


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