Victoria, Day III

The 3rd day is always the least eventful, and involves a lot of travelling. We walked to Timmies early this morning, and then got on the bus to head to Fort Rodd Hill. We spent close to two hours at Fort Rodd before heading to the ferry to get back to the mainland. The best part of these trips (especially Connections trips) is sitting up near the front and listening to the teachers talk. This is how one learns interesting things, such as the taste-saturating abilities of ketchup.

Overall, the trip was great, and I had a lot of fun again :D

Victoria, Day II

Woke up early this morning (although not quite as early as yesterday) in preparation to head out to visit Frances Kelsey, the only other self-directed school in the province. Stopped at Timmies for breakfast (<3) and went to FKSS. Got a tour by some of their leadership students, played a bit of capture the flag, and then ate pizza with their grade 12 cooking students. I was also introduced as an “invaluable and crucial developer of [my school]’s website” and gave my name to some teachers at FKSS who were hoping to start their own website using the Moodle Project. FKSS is very different from our school, and yet so similar. They have two blocked classes for every subject, and then fewer “flex” times. While our school has a number of very large work areas, FKSS has many smaller work areas, and many more seminar rooms (interesting politics behind that… very interesting politics, that I often see mirrored at our school). We headed back to downtown Victoria afterward, and the grade 11s started the Amazing Race. Jessica, Maggie, and I walked up to Craigdarroch Castle and spent about an hour touring it. Still as wonderful as ever, and still where I one day dream of setting up my residence ;). Then we caught a bus up to UVIC. Not just any bus… a double decker bus! It was amazing to feel so high and superior to all of the other cars on the road, while actually using public transit. Jessica loved the bunnies at UVIC, and she spent 10 minutes or so futilely trying to pick one up in hopes of taking it home. We caught the bus back downtown and grabbed a snack before meeting Godfrey in Bastion Square. Ah, the annual “Food Eating Contest” where each team tries to find something absolutely disgusting and eat it. One team this year had gone to a market in Chinatown to buy their foods, and misheard the cashier say “semen fungus” in place of “persimmon fruit”. I swear Godfrey was howling with laughter for almost half an hour. After the contest, which was filled with its own surprises (btw, congrats Mallika for eating her own, and everybody else’s concoctions). We went to Earl’s for dinner, which was good food, but rather slow service. Then Mallika, Maggie, and I went to take more photos in HDR :D. Came back to the hotel and had a small, short-lived game of football, before heading in for the night.

Victoria, Day I

Woke up at an entirely unreasonable hour (4:30) today to be at school for the bus. Trip to the ferry was rather uneventful, although filled with delicious candy. Ferry trip itself was a bit boring, a number of us were hoping for wireless Internet on the boat, but unfortunately there was none to be found. A few of us played cheat for a while after heading up on the deck. Arrived in Victoria and had some free time for lunch (food court of course! :D) and then a tour of the legislature buildings. The tour this year was much better than last, and I learnt a few things that I hadn’t known before. Then we headed back to check into the hotel, and get things organized. We went out for the group dinner, which unfortunately was to a Chinese buffet-style restaurant. I, alas, am not a big Chinese-food eater. We then walked around downtown for a bit, where Mallika and I took some of the most amazing photographs with Mr. Biggar’s D300 camera. HDR is so definitely FTW! Ghost tour started soon after, and was much like the tour last year, although slightly less exciting IMO. Got back to the hotel, and did a quick Timmies run before bed.

Random fact time: There is only one flavour of ketchup, because ketchup reaches all of the taste areas of the tongue, and in fact saturates them entirely. Ketchup cannot be more “ketchupy” because it’s already overloading the taste sensors in your mouth. This is also why ketchup is so perfect for disguising foods that you don’t like.

Lost in Eternity

Okay, a few reason why my blogging ability fails:

  1. I have Twitter, which is great for those short things that I want to share. Blogs are fairly boring when each post is only 140 characters…
  2. Although I often want to respond to Uru forums posts or other blog posts (such as vaaht’s recent post) I generally don’t (especially forum posts, since people seem to take offense to my criticising of their stupidity) or give my thoughts over IMs.
  3. I have issues with getting my thoughts onto a tangible medium in a way that keeps them intact. I make abstractly logical associations in my head that don’t communicate well… anywhere outside of my head :P
  4. Usually anything personally ends up in IMs, because I have this fear that my blog will turn into an emo-fest. That, and my personal stuff always seems so mediocre and meaningless in the long run.

So, the past two months in recap? $cat < /dev/dox
Melissa got me hooked on A Softer World; and just yesterday Chacal posted a link to Sequential Art. Those are likely two comics that I will follow irregularly, along with my devotion to XKCD.
I’ve decided/discovered that my favourite time was my grade 10 year, the year I started this blog. Despite what it might seem, that year was a lot of fun and if I could build a time machine, you’d find me in spring 2007.
Grad is coming up, and my ambivalence to the world is apparently an issue for some people. I do care about things, just evidently not the things that I’m supposed to care about.
School is both amazing and boring me to death. I’d really like nothing better than to sit in 2029 all day with friends and read, but some people seem to think that my marks aren’t good enough to merit enjoyment and fun. I’ll be spending the next week in physics.
I’m passive aggressive. Deal with it.
I can fill in the entire periodic table on in under 4 minutes. Spring break didn’t go entirely to waste. :P (Incidentally, my friend use spring break to learn all 53 countries of Africa on sporcle.)
I’m doing some work on Ahra Pahts, and there are some days that PyPRP makes me want to shoot myself.
I have 3 computers in my room, with RAM sticks on the floor like candy wrappers. Streaming media server: here we come!

Some days, everything seems blurry and disconnected… like it’s impossible to focus on one thing for very long, or pay attention to conversations… Sometimes I like that, and sometimes you go through a day hearing all the conversations that just catch in your mind and won’t let you think.