… still nothing to celebrate! :D

This is a message for nomad, since his blog is current offline.

This is going to be amazing (as it was last year)… requests can be sent to nommiealt [AT] gmail [DOT] com.


3 thoughts on “… still nothing to celebrate! :D

  1. Murr! Thanks again for putting this up for me, bud.

  2. Aloys says:

    Well that picture just made my day. :D (which was admitedly pretty sucky..)
    I’d listen to the friggen show (the ad is so rad) but it’ll be at like 2am for me.. :|

  3. […] actually incredibly difficult to explain for those of you who didn’t get premier broadcast on the Valentine’s Day Cyan Chat Radio Show! Plus, I guess I’m supposed to be the official host of the sound files, so I’ve tagged them (with […]

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