Day 3

Headed back home today, fairly uneventful trip back. Didn’t get stuck on any turns with the bus this time :P. Stopped in the old mining town of Hedley to wander around for a bit. I personally love the little town, although it’s mostly dead. Lots of cool things and crazy people. Someone built a domed roof out of car windshields, which is a pretty cool thing to see. Stopped in Princeton again for lunch, and then drove pretty much all the way home without stopping. It was a very fun trip, lots to see and do, but I am glad to be home where I can sit down and have a cup of tea in an actual cup (as opposed to a bowl or mixing container).

Day 2

Woke up today and decided we’d head out snowshoeing at 13:00, so we spent most of the morning in the hostel. Cooked up our pasta for lunch and then headed out for snowshoeing. It was a lot of fun, and we went quite a ways. No major incidents for me, although one girl broke her collarbone and had to take an ambulance back to Pentiction to get it set. Went skating on the outdoor loop for a while, then headed out for dinner at the local restaurant. Came back to skate a bit again and then headed in. Really nice weather today, lots of sun and lots of nice snow.

Day 1

Started our exciting trip up to Apex today, actually a bit more exciting than intended. Started snowing just outside of Abbotsford, so the road conditions were fairly messy until we got onto the Hope-Princeton. Missed a number of good sights due to the weather :(. Ate in Princeton, then drove up for a tour of an open-pit mine. Again, weather made it fairly miserable, and hid most of the sights, but it wasn’t too bad overall. Didn’t get to Hedley until late, so we skipped it entirely; stopped in Penticton for groceries. Started the 40-minute or so drive up to Apex. The road uses switchbacks, and tends to be rather tight… first corner we go around, we got stuck. Spent over an hour stuck inside the bus trying to get chains onto the wheels (don’t ask why they weren’t on in the first place. We even pointed that out to the bus driver long before the turn…). We finally got the chains on, and got ourselves out, but everyone was pretty tired and miserable when we got to the hostel. Ate a bit of dinner, didn’t really feel like cooking everything that we had planned. Internet here is functional, but requires a password, and at this point the desk attendant is gone so we can’t get the password. This entry is backdated to match the actual date.