CyanChat 1.4 for Pidgin

Haven’t worked on this for a while, and since it’s mostly complete I hadn’t made any large changes. However, there are always the small annoying glitches that you keep promising to fix and never actually do. Hence, we have a new release of pidgin-cyanchat! :D

Major new features include:

  • /rot13 command to “encrypt” chat
  • !version now reports “libpurple” rather than “Pidgin”
  • Fixes for pipe characters in messages
  • Fixes for > and < in chat messages
  • The default port has been changed to the main server (1812)

The full changelog is available at Google Code.

A huge thanks to Chucker for working on an Adium extension using this plugin, and thanks to vaaht for testing and reporting the !version issue.

pidgin-cyanchat: Go forth and download. (Windows installer, and Debian installer for 32 and 64 bit)


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