An observation

CrisGer writes:
Are people willing to risk losing this…….

just because they personally feel they want to prove they can run MOUL on thier own, no matter what the justification, and their thinking, Cyan has asked, very nicely, a number of time, for us to please wait. They know we love the game. They know we love sharing and playing in it together. And they are working as hard as they can to be able to help us get back there.

Source: MOUL Forums

We’ve already lost that a while back…
But now we’re getting it back. Now I can go and visit those places and see them the way they were meant to be: with people, with life, with spirit. I see people having a common place to gather again, and places where they can find the home that suits them best.

What spirit are you cultivating for Uru? Trying to silence everyone who is “lighting a fire and saying at the same time…I am NOT lighting a fire, no, not at all.”? Trying to make sure that Uru stays dead?


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