Mod Question

Dear MOUL Moderator who removed my posts from Is it MORE yet? thread,

I am still waiting for a PM explanation as to why three of my posts were removed. They were all responses to vid’s question, and contained the line “It is not MORE yet.”. Until I receive a PM explanation for why the posts were removed, I will continue to answer the question each time that vid asks it. I will also wonder if perhaps one of the mods has a personal issue with me and sees the need to harass me by removing my posts.

The MOUL Forum rules state that Moderators and Administrators, at their sole discretion will warn, suspend, and then permanently close an account for rule violations. How do you expect users to follow the rules if you (moderators) aren’t able to yourselves?

I am waiting…


5 thoughts on “Mod Question

  1. Tomala says:

    Ah congratulations on trying to join my ranks. But you won’t be the cool kid on the block until you’ve been banned without an explanation, AND causing the person who banned you to experience some grief. ;)

    What did you post over there that was deemed unholy by the popes of Cyantology?

  2. Paradox says:

    Like I mentioned, vid asked the question “Is it MORE yet?” every day; and I replied every day with “It is not MORE yet”.

    Then three of my responses were deleted, and I’m still waiting for an explanation…

  3. RIUM+ says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that with the sheer randomness of happenings over there in such high numbers, that it’s /not/ the mods doing it, but there’s some errors in the forum software causing posts/threads to be dropped.

  4. TomahnaGuy says:

    I too have had some missing posts recently, and following Tweek’s post today it could well be the forum software. Or a combination of the Cyantologist-over-zealously-moderated forums and the crapped-out forum software.
    Upgrade to BB3 already, dammit!

  5. Paradox says:

    If it had happened immediately, I would believe it as a forum issue.

    However, a forum does not randomly eat posts that have been there for three days. I’ve sent PMs to all of the moderators asking why I have not received a PM.

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