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I’d like to start the post off with that link. And then by posting some selections from a recent thread that was deleted from the MOUL Forums.
EDIT: The thread is now back… and locked… however, in case it vanishes again, allow me to repost it.

Dickens wrote:

Some of you know that I discovered how to get the old Until Uru servers working without Cyan’s central authentication/data servers… It’s such a waste that this information goes unused, so what if we, the community, made a proposal to Cyan that would allow us to run UU Shards until MORE is a reality.

He suggests a proposal to Cyan. However, due to his past, the thread was hijacked and eventually deleted due to posts like the following:

Jamey wrote:

I voted no, you need to get Cyan’s permission before you do this. If they say yes, fine, otherwise it’s ILLEGAL.

CrisGer wrote:

Mods please lock this thread, what Dickens is talking about is hacking and we have been asked to stop talking baout it. Be patient. and wait for the right way.

Thank you for destroying the right to free speech and encouraging censorship.

I am an Uru hacker. I have hacked MOUL, Myst V, and Hex Isle as well.

Are we going to start deleting every post that mentions PyPRP or ULM?

If you need to contact me, use the GoW forums or an email. I will no longer be regularly following the MOUL forums, the oppressive moderation and censorship that goes on there is bad enough. It’s made worse by people like CrisGer and Jamey who feel that it is their duty to report anything that might even in any way be related to hacking.

but wait… Jamey considers himself to be part of the GoW… OMG Hacker!


9 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Tomala says:

    If I was the one driving this car called the MOUL forum.. I’d of pulled over a long time ago and made all the kids walk out and introduce them to the baseball bat. jeez some of those people were sniveling pansies.

    *Pulls out the 12 commandments of Cyantology* And it is said that the asshat’s shall inherit the cavern.

  2. Zrax says:

    Mods, please delete this blog. It encourages thought and free will.

  3. Marten says:

    While I understand your frustration and I also wish Cyan would permit these topics to be discussed on their forum, I disagree that your right to free speech is being destroyed in any way here; the Myst Online forum isn’t a “public forum” in the tradition of such; it is Cyan’s property, and they have as much a right to specify what topics may be discussed there as you do to determine which political signs may be posted in your front yard.

  4. Paradox says:

    See, if it was a topic about hacking UU, that would be more understandable (although it still annoys me).

    But it was a topic where he asked a question about sending a proposal to get Cyan’s permission. That is not hacking.

  5. A Former Shard Owner says:

    I am at the point that I may contact Dickens and see if they want to open a public shard for those who would like to enjoy UU until they can enjoy MORE. I want to run a MORE server so I am only interested in running a UU shard until we can run MORE servers. I do not see how this would conflict with anything Cyan is doing to get MORE ready and released. I have been watching the community thin out since MOUL closed, and it is sad to see so many people wandering away. I know that some will come back when MORE opens but we are wasting valuable time that could be spent getting people psyched for MORE. Talking will not psych people up but being in the old UU shards would sure help. UU was limited once the Kagi keys were taken away and there were many people who wanted to join, but now we can let everyone in free until MORE is released.

    I really fail to see what could be so bad about wanting to promote MORE via UU. We would shoulder the costs and hassles, keeping Cyan focused on what they need to do. I ran a UU shard because I love the game and the community that has grown up around it. Now I am watching that community fade away and I want to do something about it.

    There are other former shard owners out there who are saying the exact same thing I am. We have the capability to help, and we are more than willing to do so. It would be a huge plus to Cyan if there is a large fan base ready, waiting and chomping at the bit to get into MORE on opening day. It would generate more interest and income for them, and the best part is that it wouldn’t cost Cyan a cent to let this happen.

    What is the worst thing Cyan could do? Tell us to shut down? I am sure that they would not pursue legal action as long as we comply, so I feel that it is worth the venture to give it a try.

    Noting ventured, nothing gained (or lost). Treading water is not working, we are going nowhere fast.

  6. Krepta says:

    Paradox is right, but free speech is only a Right in regard to what the Government is allowed to do. Private property, which is what the MOUL forum is, really, is entirely different. You are the King of your own Home, so to speak. If Cyan wants stupid mods who shut down thought and freedom on their forum, then so be it. I for one would rather move discussions to a forum that Promotes thinking and freedom, rather than crushing it ruthlessly. It seems that Paradox has chosen a good place for his blog, there seems to be little in the way of censorship here. :)

    I’m amazed at how very immature I am, at almost 32 years old, and how very Mature people like Paradox are, while still in High School. I tip my hat to Paradox, and :P everybody, and jump down a rabbit hole!

  7. Aloys says:

    Being part of the mod team at the MOUL forums (although only officialy a ‘part-time’ mod) allow me to reply in a decidedly non-official manner.
    Modding is not easy, especially on an ‘official’ forum, (ie: unlike Uru Obsession/GoW etc), and it’s even less easy during times like these where our own management (Cyan) is being a little more hands-off than usual..

    Tomala says: “If I was the one driving this car called the MOUL forum”.. The problem is that it’s no secret that lately pretty much no-one was driving that car. (no-one or too many people depending how you look at it). The Cyan guys were busy with their own problems and we were/are trusted to somehow handle the whole thing, but there are lots of ‘gray areas’ than easily fall on the ‘evil’ side of modding.. I am sometimes in disagreement with how some things are done, but some times it’s better to do something slightly wrong than do nothing at all.. (right, right?) So various mods with various approach to modding try to steer that car and sometimes it goes left and some times it goes right..But all-in-all it goes more or less straight..

    Anyhow, bottom line: modding is not easy, especially on the MOUL forums, especially these last weeks, it’s sad, but there are plenty of other good Uru forums where you (and I) can talk more freely..

  8. Jamey says:

    uhhhh, how did MY post “destroy the right to free speech and encouraging censorship.”???

    All I said was I thought he should get Cyan’s permission first. That was it. It was just a word of caution.

    I hack the complete chronicles all the time. The only reason I was concerned is that I didn’t know if Dickens had Cyan’s full permission at the time to launch an unofficial until uru. And this had me concerned at the time because this was before MORE was put on hold.

    And I didn’t even report the topic.Tattling isn’t in my nature. Just because my post may sound somewhat like CrisGer’s to you, that doesn’t mean it is.

    You should never judge what someone says unless you FULLY understand where they are coming from.

  9. Dakro says:

    Seems like everyone has been pointing fingers and claiming who’s a hacker and who’s not. I think the community and cyan need to collaberate what exactly hacking is, because I’ve seen post after post where people point fingers at “hackers.” I don’t think Jamey was trying to censor you as much as admonish anxious and ambitious explorers from doing anything premature or rash.

    I can agree with you that the censorship of the mods has been a little over the top. I think a review over their standars of censorship, and clear concrete definitions of each offense are needed.

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