Mod Question

Dear MOUL Moderator who removed my posts from Is it MORE yet? thread,

I am still waiting for a PM explanation as to why three of my posts were removed. They were all responses to vid’s question, and contained the line “It is not MORE yet.”. Until I receive a PM explanation for why the posts were removed, I will continue to answer the question each time that vid asks it. I will also wonder if perhaps one of the mods has a personal issue with me and sees the need to harass me by removing my posts.

The MOUL Forum rules state that Moderators and Administrators, at their sole discretion will warn, suspend, and then permanently close an account for rule violations. How do you expect users to follow the rules if you (moderators) aren’t able to yourselves?

I am waiting…



I’d like to start the post off with that link. And then by posting some selections from a recent thread that was deleted from the MOUL Forums.
EDIT: The thread is now back… and locked… however, in case it vanishes again, allow me to repost it.

Dickens wrote:

Some of you know that I discovered how to get the old Until Uru servers working without Cyan’s central authentication/data servers… It’s such a waste that this information goes unused, so what if we, the community, made a proposal to Cyan that would allow us to run UU Shards until MORE is a reality.

He suggests a proposal to Cyan. However, due to his past, the thread was hijacked and eventually deleted due to posts like the following:

Jamey wrote:

I voted no, you need to get Cyan’s permission before you do this. If they say yes, fine, otherwise it’s ILLEGAL.

CrisGer wrote:

Mods please lock this thread, what Dickens is talking about is hacking and we have been asked to stop talking baout it. Be patient. and wait for the right way.

Thank you for destroying the right to free speech and encouraging censorship.

I am an Uru hacker. I have hacked MOUL, Myst V, and Hex Isle as well.

Are we going to start deleting every post that mentions PyPRP or ULM?

If you need to contact me, use the GoW forums or an email. I will no longer be regularly following the MOUL forums, the oppressive moderation and censorship that goes on there is bad enough. It’s made worse by people like CrisGer and Jamey who feel that it is their duty to report anything that might even in any way be related to hacking.

but wait… Jamey considers himself to be part of the GoW… OMG Hacker!

Awards Ceremonies are the death of me

Annual awards ceremony today at school. Not-yay because it’s the most boring thing to sit through.

Usually the bleachers are filled with students forced to attend, and the floor is filled with the award winners (who would much rather be somewhere else as well). This year there were barely 50 people in the bleachers. Congratulations to all of those who found a better way to spend their time!

Add to the fact that this year was the worst awards ceremony I’ve ever attended… there was a strict “no applause for individual achievements” rule. Forgive me for feeling like it was horribly impersonal, felt like an assembly line, and made me more depressed than it would have otherwise.

Thanks school… you’re doing a great job at making yourself the most miserable place on earth.