Uncle Paradox tells a story…

This is a chatlog from CyanChat on June 14th. The random linkins, linkouts, and amonre arguing about ice cream have been removed ;)

(Cut for MystBlogs so that I don’t break the entire page… Click to view log)

(12:47:55 PM) The stranger [0The stranger,6612481104384] entered the room.
(12:47:58 PM) The stranger: Hello
(12:48:51 PM) The stranger: Are there any new from cyan worlds? chogon? greydragon?
(12:49:37 PM) Paradox: no, it would be on the forum if there was
(12:50:03 PM) The stranger: O.K
(12:50:15 PM) The stranger: :-(
(12:50:34 PM) The stranger: Just hoping…
(12:50:51 PM) Paradox: What news would there be other than “Uru is still dead”?
(12:51:29 PM) The stranger: I don’t know,”we got the rights”?
(12:51:49 PM) The stranger: “greydrgon returnes”
(12:51:57 PM) The stranger: “rand ate a pie”
(12:52:11 PM) Paradox: none of those are newsworthy
(12:52:40 PM) MCs: [Tweek] we got the rights is
(12:52:49 PM) Paradox: Tweek > vaguely

(12:57:38 PM) The stranger: That’s sad…well,just came in the check

(01:00:06 PM) MCs: [chucker] “Presently, the ball is between the Gametap and Cyan Legal departments.” ugh

(01:00:33 PM) MCs: [chucker] you know, i just hate the way people keep pretending that the only obstacle Uru is facing is money, or that there’s some evil gnome sitting on a legal button to push to release Uru’s license.
(01:00:38 PM) The stranger: They are getting closer to the rights

(01:00:57 PM) MCs: [chucker] is there really ANYONE who thinks that the CONCEPT is even fully worked out?

(01:01:35 PM) Paradox: chucker > The concept was worked out fairly well back when they started, then Ubi, UU, and GT changed all of the external variables
(01:01:42 PM) Paradox: and Cyan is still trying to use the same concept
(01:01:54 PM) The stranger: paradox is right
(01:01:55 PM) MCs: [chucker] Doc: sure, and with a staff of 200, that might even work.
(01:01:59 PM) Paradox: and failing miserably with it
(01:02:05 PM) The stranger: right too
(01:02:08 PM) Paradox: chucker > yeah… Cyan dreams big
(01:02:19 PM) wandering_nomad: And falls back down from the sky hard.

(01:02:26 PM) MCs: [chucker] you explain to me how they were going to keep on churning out new content /with compelling stories/ over and over.
(01:02:28 PM) The stranger: but cyan worlds should not change the concept,i think
(01:02:36 PM) MCs: [chucker] because so far, um, that didn’t quite work.
(01:02:40 PM) Paradox: Stranger > The Uru is doomed to fail
(01:02:45 PM) Paradox: then*
(01:02:50 PM) wandering_nomad: I think Cyan needs to switch padigrams and start going into the indie casual market.
(01:03:09 PM) wandering_nomad: As both an accpetance of reality (understaffed) and a new opportunity (rapidly growing market).
(01:03:18 PM) Paradox: yeah, that would make sense
(01:03:30 PM) MCs: [chucker] Nommie: funny you’d mention that. http://www.reddit.com/goto?id=6dvgu
(01:03:53 PM) The stranger: Paradox,I really don’t need your unhopefull ideas right now

(01:04:08 PM) Paradox: Stranger > The optimism is choking me
(01:04:19 PM) Paradox: There’s a darker side to ever situation
(01:04:20 PM) MCs: [chucker] it’s not optimisim, it’s naïveté.
(01:04:28 PM) MCs: [chucker] no, let me rephrase that: GET A ****ING CLUE
(01:04:35 PM) Paradox: chucker > agreed
(01:04:42 PM) wandering_nomad: Haha.
(01:04:50 PM) The stranger: Uru returned once.And remember that yan worlds was going to die that time?
(01:04:58 PM) The stranger: You never know what will happen
(01:05:07 PM) Paradox: Stranger > I hated MOUL
(01:05:07 PM) wandering_nomad: Look here snugglebox.
(01:05:26 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Yeah MOUL just didn’t do it for me
(01:05:27 PM) The stranger: We all know that,paradox
(01:05:29 PM) MCs: [Tweek] I tried
(01:05:30 PM) wandering_nomad: Chaos theory and wishful thinking won’t get us anywhere.
(01:05:31 PM) Paradox: MOUL was like watching time and effort go down the drain
(01:05:32 PM) MCs: [Tweek] but yeah..
(01:05:33 PM) wandering_nomad: Something /might/ happen.
(01:05:47 PM) wandering_nomad: But we can’t count on the hand of the messiah reaching down and helping out cyan again.
(01:06:05 PM) wandering_nomad: It happened once already, and that was one more time than it should’ve by all the logic and reasoning that the universe is based on.
(01:06:16 PM) Paradox: I cannot make myself hope that there is another version of MOUL waiting out there… because that would drive me away from Uru entirely
(01:06:28 PM) wandering_nomad: And seriously, MOUL is a tired concept for me.
(01:06:33 PM) wandering_nomad: Tried it twice, had a bit of fun.
(01:06:38 PM) wandering_nomad: But it’s time to move on.
(01:06:42 PM) The stranger: for you
(01:06:52 PM) Paradox: All I want right now is DIRT >.<
(01:07:00 PM) wandering_nomad: God, I’ve always just wanted DIRT.
(01:07:02 PM) The stranger: DIRT is uru
(01:07:03 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Good luck
(01:07:07 PM) MCs: [Tweek] no Dirt is not uru
(01:07:08 PM) Paradox: DIRT is not Uru
(01:07:10 PM) MCs: [chucker] Nommie: that’s not even it. Cyan could get really lucky and be allowed to self-host. In /my/ mind, that wouldn’t be anywhere near enough. Even if they got themselves some good network staff, and re-hired the support staff… they /still/ wouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of crew to have a sustainable, continuous(!) storyline.
(01:07:25 PM) wandering_nomad: chucker> Yeah.
(01:07:29 PM) Paradox: DIRT is like MOUL but 1000 times better
(01:07:35 PM) wandering_nomad: There are few companies that have the resources like that.
(01:07:44 PM) MCs: [chucker] DIRT is offline.
(01:07:52 PM) wandering_nomad: Seriously, the concept behind Uru would be something better examined in… (don’t hurt me) Tabletop roleplaying.
(01:07:57 PM) MCs: [Tweek] chucker> if Cyan self hosted I think they’d use Guilds and rely on fan input
(01:08:13 PM) wandering_nomad: Because that is an environ where continuous storylines not only happen, but are the norm.
(01:08:14 PM) MCs: [chucker] Tweek: i can see from the average forum post how well /that/ is going to work
(01:08:14 PM) Paradox: Tweek > That requires a huge community mind-set shift though
(01:08:26 PM) MCs: [Tweek] aye
(01:08:37 PM) Paradox: Half the community would disown Cyan for allow fans to dirty the sacred world of D’ni
(01:08:45 PM) The stranger: You are talking rabish,DIRT IS URU.Uru is what DIRT became
(01:08:45 PM) MCs: [chucker] yep
(01:08:49 PM) MCs: [chucker] “BUT IT’S NOT TEH OFFICIALZ!!”
(01:08:56 PM) MCs: [Tweek] perhaps that’s not a bad thing ;)
(01:08:59 PM) Paradox: really, the “Cyan can do no wrong” attitude is getting *really* annoying
(01:09:08 PM) Paradox: Stranger > DIRT was something entirely different
(01:09:10 PM) MCs: [chucker] Stranger: some of DIRT ended up in Uru.
(01:09:15 PM) MCs: [chucker] very little.
(01:09:21 PM) MCs: [chucker] in fact, EoA has more of DIRT in it than Uru does.
(01:09:24 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Stranger> just because DIRT ended up as Uru doesn’t mean it is Uru.
(01:09:30 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Yep
(01:09:36 PM) The stranger: really,the “Cyan can do nothing” attitude is getting *really* annoying
(01:09:39 PM) MCs: [chucker] (and that’s a twist i really dislike)
(01:09:48 PM) Paradox: Of course EoA was ruined by the Bahro storyline
(01:09:49 PM) MCs: [Tweek] I’ll end up in the US, doesn’t make me american.
(01:09:56 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Doc> pffft
(01:09:57 PM) MCs: [chucker] you know what’s annoying? when people who haven’t spent a single second to sit down and think needlessly get my hopes up
(01:10:03 PM) Paradox: Stranger > The truth hurts sometimes
(01:10:07 PM) wandering_nomad: Stranger> It’s reality.
(01:10:10 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Course I love the Bahro so you’re speaking to someone biased
(01:10:21 PM) The stranger: Give Cyan Worlds DIRT,and they will make it uru
(01:10:27 PM) MCs: [chucker] never much liked the Bahro, sorry.
(01:10:39 PM) MCs: [chucker] by “bahro”, i mean the whole Yeesha-gone-nuts thing.
(01:10:43 PM) MCs: [Tweek] hehe
(01:10:48 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Not to keen on Yeesha
(01:10:50 PM) wandering_nomad: Eh, I liked it at first…
(01:10:58 PM) Paradox: Tweek > nothing against the Bahro… except that they didn’t exist in the first 4 games, or the books, and everything seemed to work fine… then Yeesha comes along and the entire history is suddenly non-canon

(01:11:04 PM) MCs: [Tweek] but the Bahro as a whole I like, and find interesting.

(01:11:19 PM) MCs: [chucker] but they keep using Bahro stuff as a deus ex machina.
(01:11:26 PM) MCs: [Tweek] true
(01:11:27 PM) The stranger: Let me tell you something: why do you think uru will never work? because the publishers never took good care of it?
(01:11:32 PM) MCs: [chucker] “oh look, a portal! see, it makes sense because… Bahro over there.”
(01:11:45 PM) Paradox: Tweek > The Bahro remove the realism for me… Linking books can *kinda* be scientifically explained
(01:11:51 PM) MCs: [Tweek] doc> well the point of the slavery was that it was hidden, so we would not have nessicarily seen it in the previous stuff
(01:11:58 PM) wandering_nomad: Yeah… the constant deus ex machina got annoying.
(01:11:59 PM) MCs: [chucker] i want to go back to the days where there was just linking books and they sort of even made sense.
(01:12:04 PM) Paradox: yeah
(01:12:04 PM) wandering_nomad: Yeah.
(01:12:16 PM) wandering_nomad: They got Indigo Prophecy syndrome.
(01:12:29 PM) wandering_nomad: “We’re running out of time… uhm… scribble down some plot info, we’ll go with that!”
(01:12:43 PM) MCs: [chucker] yep.
(01:12:51 PM) MCs: [chucker] and most of MO:UL was that.

(01:13:15 PM) The stranger: You guys really don’t understand: do you think cyan worlds had money?
(01:13:33 PM) wandering_nomad: okay, are you going to pull the Uwe Boll argument here?
(01:13:34 PM) MCs: [Tweek] They did at one point
(01:13:42 PM) MCs: [chucker] Stranger: oh trust me, I know more about whether Cyan has money or not than you ever will.
(01:13:49 PM) wandering_nomad: “My movies suck because I don’t have funding, don’t judge them against multi-million dollar movies?”
(01:13:59 PM) MCs: [chucker] but it doesn’t matter.
(01:14:20 PM) MCs: [chucker] when they /had/ money, they put it all into one project that turned out to be way beyond their capabilities.
(01:14:28 PM) MCs: [chucker] just accept that.
(01:14:43 PM) wandering_nomad: Ladies and gentlemen, the danger of putting your eggs in one basket clearly demonstrated.
(01:14:43 PM) M@: Yeah, I’m pretty much in agreement with all of this >.>
(01:14:46 PM) wandering_nomad: Even a sure thing isn’t.
(01:14:48 PM) MCs: [chucker] if they had gone with the safer route of DIRT, they might have actually /made/ money (imagine that) and eventually let it evolve into Uru.
(01:15:04 PM) MCs: [Tweek] DIRT would have been sweeeet
(01:15:07 PM) Paradox: yeah
(01:15:09 PM) M@: Rather than casual games, I’d love to see Cyan create an entirely new, gool-ol’-fashioned single-player adventure game

(01:15:35 PM) MCs: [Tweek] shame non of the original DIRT stuff exists anymore
(01:15:45 PM) MCs: [chucker] though Sam & Max seems moderately popular
(01:15:46 PM) MCs: [Tweek] well I say none, little bits do
(01:15:50 PM) MCs: [chucker] it’s found its niche.
(01:15:50 PM) Paradox: Tweek > The early Choru stuff is similar to it
(01:15:56 PM) M@: I’ve never been able to get a straight answer to this question: What exactly would DIRT have entailed?
(01:16:02 PM) M@: All I’ve ever gotten is bits and pieces….
(01:16:07 PM) MCs: [chucker] http://en.mystlore.com/wiki/DIRT
(01:16:12 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Starting at the cleft, going down the tunnels, getting to D’ni
(01:16:12 PM) Paradox: DIRT was starting at the Cleft, and going down the Shaft to D’ni

(01:16:19 PM) Paradox: single-player, using Plasma 1
(01:16:23 PM) M@: Yeah, I know that much

(01:16:28 PM) MCs: [chucker] basically, the descent.

(01:16:49 PM) MCs: [chucker] on the way there, you have lots of places you visit in between for recreation and finding clues and such

(01:16:59 PM) MCs: [chucker] following Ti’ana’s path, largely
(01:17:13 PM) MCs: [chucker] Noloben was one of those waypoints

(01:17:53 PM) MCs: [chucker] didn’t get far
(01:18:05 PM) MCs: [chucker] i like the old cleft, but probably only because i’m not very used to it
(01:18:05 PM) The stranger: Than keep complaining,guys.This will solve everything.You are full of complains.Why won’t you…ah…HELP? support uru? help what there is in the present instead of crying “we want DIRT,boohoo.there are bahros,boohoo.there’s no good things,boohoo”.Don’t you see? cyan worlds don’t give up yet.What you do is just telling them “dump everything”.it’s not that simple.many fans will leave.years of work will…”die”
(01:18:08 PM) MCs: [chucker] the newer one makes a lot more sense
(01:18:12 PM) MCs: [chucker] just… less exciting
(01:18:26 PM) MCs: [chucker] o_O
(01:18:28 PM) MCs: [chucker] dude, the meds.
(01:18:38 PM) MCs: [amonre] what’s the old cleft?
(01:19:01 PM) Paradox: Stranger > your total disconnect of logic astounds me
(01:19:04 PM) MCs: [chucker] amonre: DIRT’s cleft had a very different structure
(01:19:12 PM) MCs: [chucker] Doc: you must not read YouTube comments
(01:19:17 PM) MCs: [Tweek] lol
(01:19:19 PM) Paradox: heh
(01:19:21 PM) wandering_nomad: lol
(01:19:21 PM) MCs: [amonre] chucker: hm… are there screenshot of that?
(01:19:27 PM) M@: Stranger>I don’t appreciate the attitude that we’re not loyal fans just because we believe Uru has run its course.
(01:19:31 PM) MCs: [chucker] amonre: come on, you’re an intern. ;)
(01:19:47 PM) MCs: [amonre] heh
(01:19:51 PM) MCs: [chucker] amonre: i don’t think there’s any stills, but they have a completely playable demo of it in-house
(01:19:52 PM) MCs: [Tweek] M@> ah but that seems to be a general consensus in the community
(01:19:58 PM) MCs: [Tweek] if you complain you’re not a real fan
(01:19:58 PM) M@: Yeah, I know

(01:20:20 PM) MCs: [chucker] amonre: the models and textures were reused to form large parts of Eder Gira
(01:20:26 PM) MCs: [amonre] ah hm
(01:20:37 PM) MCs: [chucker] but the old cleft did have stuff like the whark skeleton and such
(01:20:42 PM) MCs: [chucker] also, the hole like EoA does
(01:20:46 PM) The stranger: How can you be uru fans if you do not support uru? how can you be cyan worlds fans if you complain over and over an over on what they really want to do
(01:20:56 PM) MCs: [chucker] imagine cleft meets EoA caldera meets Eder Gira
(01:21:01 PM) MCs: [chucker] ;)
(01:21:24 PM) Paradox: Stranger > “Your theory of gravity doesn’t address the question of why there are no unicorns, so it must be wrong.”
(01:21:40 PM) The stranger: Sorry to tell you,but they worked on uru for years.It just shows they want uru to do well.no one really needs your “stop everything now” comments

(01:22:00 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Stranger> I’ve been in this community for almost a decade now, in that time I have worked with Cyan, With Ubisoft in promoting Uru, myst 4 and Myst 5, I have done grassroots efforts, contents, heck I designed stuff to go in the EoA stratergy guide….
(01:22:07 PM) MCs: [chucker] Stranger: “support uru”? what is this, “support the troops”? i strongly support Cyan. i wish them the very best. always did. don’t you go insinuating otherwise. you just don’t understand that Uru will /never/ succeed just by putting it on another server farm and trying one and the same concept a third time.

(01:22:17 PM) MCs: [Tweek] fact is eventually you get tired, and you realise the truth.

(01:22:23 PM) MCs: [chucker] the fact is, the concept is hugely flawed and would be even if Cyan were significantly larger than they are right now

(01:22:48 PM) MCs: [chucker] Tweek: BUT YOU DON’T SUPPORT THEM!!
(01:22:55 PM) Paradox: Stranger > I support Cyan fully in what they hope to do, Uru has lived its course, why do we have such an issue with letting it die
(01:23:09 PM) MCs: [chucker] you’re not, like, travelling to their parking lot RIGHT NOW and holding a party!
(01:23:35 PM) wandering_nomad: Stranger> I own every game, every book and every damn little sideproject, don’t you dare ever accuse me of not supporting Cyan. I have done it with money, and time and with words. So you’d best think very carefully before laying such accusations upon my head, just because I feel a tinge of dissent at a bad idea.
(01:23:51 PM) The stranger: Support cyan? huh! hate uru in your heart.You don’t need show your hate to uru to cyan worlds.they really don’t need any of this
(01:24:09 PM) wandering_nomad: HOW THE **** AM I HATING THEM?
(01:24:10 PM) MCs: [chucker] go away.
(01:24:15 PM) Paradox: “We’ve spent millions developing a water-powered pogo stick. We can’t stop investing now or it will all be wasted.”
(01:24:20 PM) MCs: [chucker] you don’t know what you are saying.
(01:24:43 PM) Paradox: Stranger > Since you clearly don’t understand the situation, why don’t you quietly turn around?
(01:24:52 PM) wandering_nomad: Find another goddamn chatroom to troll.
(01:25:01 PM) MCs: [chucker] most of us have been here for much longer than you have, have a much deeper understanding, and, contrary to your continued insinuation, WANT ALL THE BEST FOR CYAN
(01:25:03 PM) MCs: [Tweek] Yeah, just looking up I see 2 copies of myst, 2 of riven, 2 of exile, 2 of myst 4, 2 of myst 5, I have 3 copies of Uru, all the books in US paperback and hardback covers, UK paperback covers, T shirts, cups, mugs, calendars…
(01:25:18 PM) The stranger: Paradox: since you are not helping those who want to help,why won’t you turn around?
(01:25:22 PM) Paradox: If I want to hate Uru, then so be it. I don’t need a troll telling me that I’m doing something wrong
(01:25:26 PM) MCs: [chucker] in fact, we want that so badly that we can’t help but feel frustrated when they’re digging their own grave by not listening to sane voices
(01:25:29 PM) MCs: [chucker] MOVE ON

(01:25:40 PM) Paradox: Oh. I’m just sitting here writing tools so that people can add their own Ages to uru
(01:25:45 PM) Paradox: How is that not helping ?!
(01:25:50 PM) wandering_nomad: The winter of Uru has passed, let’s welcome a new spring.
(01:25:56 PM) Paradox: You *dare* to accuse me of not helping?!
(01:26:17 PM) MCs: [chucker] vaaht: yeah, uh, just the usual. some people feel that all Uru needs is a new server farm and then it’ll thrive.
(01:26:23 PM) Paradox: I’ve dedicated the past 4 years of my life to getting fan-Ages into Uru. What have you done for the community other than harrass us?

(01:26:45 PM) vaaht: stranger> not that you ever played Uru Live or MOUL <.<
(01:26:51 PM) The stranger: I’m not trolling you,you are trolling everyone.People talk…and you just keep saying you want DIRT and what not
(01:26:55 PM) The stranger: I did
(01:26:59 PM) wandering_nomad: Seriously The Stranger, the record in your head is broken, time to throw it out the window and replace it.
(01:26:59 PM) The stranger: I player MOUL
(01:27:20 PM) vaaht: grammar have you not
(01:27:23 PM) Paradox: When you’re ready to accept reality, we can talk
(01:27:31 PM) The stranger: Paradox: I’m talking about uru live,not singleplayer

(01:27:45 PM) Paradox: I’m talking about MOUL too.
(01:27:54 PM) The stranger: I dont think cyan worlds really care much about singleplayer right now
(01:27:56 PM) MCs: [chucker] well I’m talking about ice cream, so screw you all
(01:27:57 PM) Paradox: What makes you think that I couldn’t add my Age to MOUL?
(01:28:10 PM) The stranger: I said that,paradox
(01:28:11 PM) The stranger: ?
(01:28:33 PM) Paradox: At least I’m doing something productive rather than yelling and whining at other people
(01:28:36 PM) vaaht: fine chucker screw you >:(
(01:28:47 PM) MCs: [Tweek] mm ice cream
(01:28:59 PM) The stranger: So,the game was closed.But do we really need all of this “I hate uru” things?
(01:29:04 PM) wandering_nomad: delicious creamed ice.
(01:29:09 PM) Paradox: Stranger > This conversation is over
(01:29:21 PM) wandering_nomad: The stranger: The only person to have typed “I hate uru in the past half hour is yourself… and me… just now.”

(01:29:45 PM) wandering_nomad: http://yourargumentisinvalid.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/i_have_both_moustache_and_robot.jpg also

(01:29:50 PM) MCs: [chucker] I hate Uru!

(01:30:20 PM) MCs: [chucker] Stranger: this chatroom is self-governed.

(01:30:43 PM) MCs: [chucker] so i suggest you calm down, get real, switch topics, or go away.

(01:31:07 PM) MCs: [chucker] I can tell you a story! :>
(01:31:08 PM) The stranger: But I won’t do it
(01:31:14 PM) MCs: [chucker] good for you

(01:32:03 PM) wandering_nomad: http://yourargumentisinvalid.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/her_hair_is_a_helicopter.jpg : D

(01:32:25 PM) The stranger: I’m done

(01:32:32 PM) The stranger: It’s on.It’s oooooooooooooon
(01:32:34 PM) wandering_nomad: Or we could all just hit Ignore whilst having The Stranger’s name selected and SOMETHING ENTIRELY MYSTERIOUS WOULD HAPPEN.
(01:32:35 PM) The stranger left the room (<links safely back to their home Age>).


7 thoughts on “Uncle Paradox tells a story…

  1. Hoikas says:

    Don’t feed the troll.

  2. LinguistApprentice says:

    I haven’t read through all that yet, but…

    Um, the “cut” didn’t make it into the newsfeed (I’m guessing), and thus didn’t make it to MystBlogs. It’s all there.

  3. Paradox says:

    yeah… I noticed :( Sorry to the MystBlogs people, I expected it to work a bit more like an LJ cut…

  4. T_S_Kimball says:

    It’s an issue with RSS I guess; I have the same problem with my WP weblog. RSS presents either partial or full entry, depending on how you configure it. Cut-Lines don’t translate. I just shrug and continue on with life, let M_B readers handle it. ;)

    Anyway, that log just floored me. All I really wanted was to give Uru some actual time to run, which we at least got with MO:UL. It falling on its face was a different matter, and was not helped by a number of the original folks (like me) dropping out, spent at the effort.

    Attitudes like that are why you don’t see me on MO forum anymore, and rarely on UO. I had enough of that ‘elsewhere,’ (including as a volunteer Mod), and is why I’ve mostly stopped talking about Uru on the weblog too.

    I can assure everyone that any and all future efforts from Cyan will not work if that continues – it will drive away ‘true’ newcomers. I’ve seen that firsthand in Second Life, in Travian, and other venues unrelated even to gaming (zfs-discuss and the linux wireless lists immediately come to mind).

    [Who’s still trying to get something put together that will leave him in IRC regularly.]

  5. The stranger says:

    Thank you for shaming me.Why did you suddenly put it on?

  6. This is… Almost exactly how I feel about Uru. Seeing glimpses of DIRT, then watching it evolve (devolve?) into Uru with the Bahro just… Changed everything. But I’ve already made extensive posts of my own on that, so I won’t re-re-rehash it all again… Just nice to see someone out there who shares my opinion. Don’t feel quite so alienated now, heh.

  7. The stranger says:

    I respect everyones thoughts.I actually like the idea of us going through the way to d’ni.So for once I got caught up in my opinions,and was angry.But I thought things calmed down.Why showing that again? to say “look at the troll”? whoever knows me know I’m not a troll,I never done anything like that.
    So if your goal was to moke my image and show me as a troll,than you have done well.

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