Day 9

We took the train from Montréal to Québec city today, slightly over 3 hours, but not too bad of a ride. It started raining as we left the station to wait for a taxi though, and by the time we arrived at the hotel it was pouring. Cleared up quickly though and we walked through the old city for a while. Due to the 400th anniversary, everywhere is filled with people, street performers, and concerts. Quite a unique atmosphere here, a huge festival in a stone-walled city. We left the walls for a while to see the summer festival stuff on Grande Allée, and while we were getting tea it started raining again. We ran through the rain back to the hotel, and by the time we arrived, it had nearly stopped. Gotta love the random weather.

OT: I uploaded a video of the Canada Day fireworks to Facebook on Wednesday, and Facebook is still “encoding” it. I’ll post a link whenever Facebook tells me it’s done. :)