Day 36

Last day (excluding the plane ride tomorrow). Took the ferry from Lévis to Québec City, and walked around the city one last time. Had lunch at our favourite restaurant, took the horse-drawn carriage ride through the city, and took more pictures at night. Packing everything up now, getting ready to head off tomorrow for the long flight home.

Au revoir, Québec! Joyeux 400ième Anniversaire!

Day 35

Drove from Edmundston to Lévis today. Stopped in Rivière-de-Loup and Montmagny. Going to make one last trip to Vieux Québec tomorrow via ferry before flying home on Friday.

Day 34

Visited the reversing falls again today at high tide. Really interesting to see the rapids flowing in the other direction. Then we drove to Fredericton, walked around for a bit, got lunch, and got a pin (I haven’t mentioned yet that my sister collects pins. We must get a pin of every town that we visit). Then drove up to Hartland to see the world’s longest covered bridge (2100+ feet). Now we’re in Edmundston, just outside the Québec/New Brunswick border. Tomorrow we’re driving to Lévis.

Day 33

We walked through uptown Saint John today, following one of the walking tours and visiting a number of old buildings. Then drove by to see the reversing falls. Saw low tide while we were there, with the Saint John river draining into the Bay of Fundy. Hoping to head back tomorrow and see high tide (with the Bay of Fundy overpowering the Saint John river). Also drove to see the Saint John Martello tour, very similar to the tours in Québec, but this one had seen additions for World War II.
Walked down to the Three Sisters Lamp after dinner, and waited for them to light up.

Day 32

Today was mostly a travel day, but by ferry rather than car. We took the ferry from Digby, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick. Arrived in Saint John and will be staying here for two days before heading back towards Québec.

BTW, I got RickRolled in the restaurant at dinner. -_-

Day 31

Toured through Port Royal and Fort Anne today. Port Royal was an habitation founded by Champlain and Sieur de Mons in 1605, even before Québec. Also drove to Digby and took a ferry to see the “balancing rock” on Long Island (Nova Scotia) on the Digby Neck. Quite an interesting stone, and quite a few ideas for upcoming Ages for Uru :P