Day 5

Today was the second day where the weather turned on us half-way through the day. Yesterday at the Museum of Civilization, it rained from lunch onwards, and today it rained most of the afternoon.

We booked tickets to tour the parliament buildings and then went through the Canadian Coin Museum on Sparks street. Lots of old counterfeited coins, and apparently a lot of random people liked to print their own paper money, even if it was a scrawl on the back of a playing card. Headed to the Canadian War Museum afterwards, and spent a few hours wandering through the various exhibits. Lots of great Social Studies review >.> Ran through the pouring rain to get to Parliament Hill in time for the tour, and took the elevator up to the peace tower after the tour.

Re: Pictures, The hotel upload seems to prevent uploading any images. I’ll keep trying.

NB – not too sure how to feel about MOUL2… let’s hope it isn’t as bad as MOUL was…


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