Day 1

<falsely cheerful and somewhat metallic voice>Next station Bloor-Yonge. Bloor-Yonge station</voice>

Left late last night from BC to Toronto, spend most of the night flying. First airplane ride, and I’ve gotta admit it was pretty boring. Of course, leaving BC at 11:30 pm means that we arrive in Toronto at 6:30 am, due to time differences. One hour of sleep on the plane, and then waiting around until 4:30 when we could check into the hotel.

Didn’t do anything particularly exciting today, dropped by city hall, wandered through shopping malls, and rode the subway. Okay, riding the subway is pretty exciting. If TTC owns my soul, I’m perfectly content. The subway system is fast, effective, affordable (for the most part) and easy. So much better than Vancouver and the SkyTrain.

I should warn that the next 5 weeks will likely involve a blog post a day acting as a journal of a trip through Québec and the maritimes. These posts (hopefully) won’t appear on MystBlogs, so no spam for everyone there.