CyanChat + Pidgin

Ever since I started using Pidgin, I’ve dreamed of having all of my chat protocols working flawlessly in a single program. Recently, I’ve found a Skype for Pidgin plugin, and a Facebook Chat for Pidgin plugin. With those as inspiration, I finally started on my CyanChat plugin for Pidgin.

I have a bit of a history with the CyanChat protocol. I wrote a server and client in C# a year or so ago. Those came to a conclusion when I started using Linux more and couldn’t run the C# programs. LordAndy had started a project to rewrite the popular Magenta client using cross-platform wxWidgets code, and I used and added to wxMagenta. I’ve also written my own enhanced protocol, and started various projects involving that new specification.

CyanChat for Pidgin has support for signing in, joining the chat room, and sending/receiving chat. I tend to commit often (usually so that I have something to fall back upon if I break it), so new features should be fairly easy to access.

Also, if you are a Mac or Window person, and feel like compiling it, please send me an email. I’m fairly sure that it should work on Windows, but I’m curious as to whether it would support Adium. I also have no way of compiling for either of those architectures, so any offers are welcome.