Day 5

Today was the second day where the weather turned on us half-way through the day. Yesterday at the Museum of Civilization, it rained from lunch onwards, and today it rained most of the afternoon.

We booked tickets to tour the parliament buildings and then went through the Canadian Coin Museum on Sparks street. Lots of old counterfeited coins, and apparently a lot of random people liked to print their own paper money, even if it was a scrawl on the back of a playing card. Headed to the Canadian War Museum afterwards, and spent a few hours wandering through the various exhibits. Lots of great Social Studies review >.> Ran through the pouring rain to get to Parliament Hill in time for the tour, and took the elevator up to the peace tower after the tour.

Re: Pictures, The hotel upload seems to prevent uploading any images. I’ll keep trying.

NB – not too sure how to feel about MOUL2… let’s hope it isn’t as bad as MOUL was…

Day 4

We walked to the Canadian Museum of Civilization today, across the river to Gatineau. They had a feature exhibit about Greece through the ages, but also a number of exhibits about Canada and Canadian identity. Started raining as we were about to leave, but mostly held off until we had walked back to the hotel. Tomorrow were hoping to see the Parliament Buildings and a few other places of interest before the fireworks and parades on Tuesday.

I promise I’ll get pictures up soon <.>

Day 3

Tonight we’re in Ottawa after an incredibly long train ride. We left the hotel at 11, and were down at Union station for 11:30. Rode the train for 4 (long) hours, and ended up in Ottawa. Had to take a taxi from the train station to the hotel, and then walked around Elgin street in Ottawa.

Looking to go to most of the major attractions tomorrow or Monday, ’cause Canada is going to be big on Parliament Hill. :D

Day 2

Today was more interesting than yesterday (not surprising, I’d had more sleep). We took the ferry to Centre Island and hung around there most of the day. Got some nice pictures of the Toronto sky-line on the ferry ride, I’ll upload them somewhere at some point later.

Centre Island is like a mix between Stanley Park, Playland, and a number of other local areas in BC. It’s an amusement park, a walking area, swimming area, and more. Definitely a nice place to spend a day or so, for both tourists and locals alike.

Took the subway back to the hotel (again, <3 TTC) and wandered around the streets a bit. This weekend is the Toronto Pride Parade, so there was a number of people out in the streets in preparation. Leaving tomorrow for Ottawa, so we won’t get to see the actual parade, but it was interesting to walk through the streets as if it were a festival.

Day 1

<falsely cheerful and somewhat metallic voice>Next station Bloor-Yonge. Bloor-Yonge station</voice>

Left late last night from BC to Toronto, spend most of the night flying. First airplane ride, and I’ve gotta admit it was pretty boring. Of course, leaving BC at 11:30 pm means that we arrive in Toronto at 6:30 am, due to time differences. One hour of sleep on the plane, and then waiting around until 4:30 when we could check into the hotel.

Didn’t do anything particularly exciting today, dropped by city hall, wandered through shopping malls, and rode the subway. Okay, riding the subway is pretty exciting. If TTC owns my soul, I’m perfectly content. The subway system is fast, effective, affordable (for the most part) and easy. So much better than Vancouver and the SkyTrain.

I should warn that the next 5 weeks will likely involve a blog post a day acting as a journal of a trip through Québec and the maritimes. These posts (hopefully) won’t appear on MystBlogs, so no spam for everyone there.

Vacationary Status

Heads up to anyone looking for me for the next month or so, I won’t be around. If you need to get a-hold of me, I should have email access which I will be checking at least every two days. Anything that redirects to my email (facebook messages, PMs on various forums, etc.) should be fine too.

Hopefully a load of pictures and stuff will be coming along if I have time to update the blog while I’m gone.

CyanChat + Pidgin

Ever since I started using Pidgin, I’ve dreamed of having all of my chat protocols working flawlessly in a single program. Recently, I’ve found a Skype for Pidgin plugin, and a Facebook Chat for Pidgin plugin. With those as inspiration, I finally started on my CyanChat plugin for Pidgin.

I have a bit of a history with the CyanChat protocol. I wrote a server and client in C# a year or so ago. Those came to a conclusion when I started using Linux more and couldn’t run the C# programs. LordAndy had started a project to rewrite the popular Magenta client using cross-platform wxWidgets code, and I used and added to wxMagenta. I’ve also written my own enhanced protocol, and started various projects involving that new specification.

CyanChat for Pidgin has support for signing in, joining the chat room, and sending/receiving chat. I tend to commit often (usually so that I have something to fall back upon if I break it), so new features should be fairly easy to access.

Also, if you are a Mac or Window person, and feel like compiling it, please send me an email. I’m fairly sure that it should work on Windows, but I’m curious as to whether it would support Adium. I also have no way of compiling for either of those architectures, so any offers are welcome.