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Im in ur world, haxxorin ur game…

Things seem to have changed, and I’m not really liking the direction that things seem to be heading. (In more than one area, but I’m only going to focus on Uru and Age Creation stuff in this post ;)).

In 2004, Prologue shut down, Uru was dead, there was nothing more to do. So people started hacking. The day that Prologue closed was the day that Almlys started writing the (in)famous ALCUGS server project, and I believe that it was the same day as the closing when Anonymous54321 released the decryption routine for the whatdoyousee/xTEA encrypted files.
Soon there was flymode.
Eventually in 2005 Almlys released the PyPRP plugin to create our own Ages. PotS had been released, UU had been released; and people were pretty excited about creating their own stuff.

Always there was the thread of a cease and desist letter from Cyan. People were sent cease and desist letters during 2004 and 2005. But still people developed tools, developed plugin, and worked in the hopes of finally having the power to write their own Ages.

So MOUL is dead, and people still want to create Ages for PotS. The Guild of Writers exists for that reason, and somewhere along the way it seems that the threat from Cyan has diminished. Maybe it’s due to Rand telling various sources that he thinks user-created Ages are important; or maybe from interviews in-cavern with Mark DeForest (Cyan’s Lead Programmer) who talked about the tools that users could use to create Ages. Overall, lots of progress was being made, lots of very nice Ages were being produced.

Then Drizzle came along. Drizzle is brilliant! The ability to convert the MOUL content to PotS so that you can still visit Minkata and the pod Ages, the Guild Pubs, Jalak, even the two Eder Gardens. But Drizzle was quick to cause commotion on the forums. Everyone was ready to cry about how it was hacking, how it was immoral, wrong, evil, and that anyone who uses the tool should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes, Drizzle is hacking. So is PyPRP and all of the Ages over at GoW.
You tell Drizzle users to be ashamed of themselves, yet you offer advice and encouragement on GoW. There’s a discrepancy here that is completely illogical, and one that I’m tired of trying to clear up.
In 2004 it was very common knowledge that all user-created stuff was hacked. It was violating the agreement with Cyan, it was technically illegal.
Now there seems to be this ignorance about that fact, and people don’t even know the first thing about the tools that they are using.

I almost want to make a big banner and drop it on the GoW website. “Using these tools is considered hacking and is illegal/immoral/wrong!”

If you’re on the GoW, you need to know what you are really doing. You are hacking a game, violating the End-User License Agreement, and doing all those things that you said people should be ashamed of.

Who’s ashamed now?