Hard Drive Hell (III)

Yep, it hasn’t stopped yet. *headbangdesk*

So I’ve run this recovery program more times than I care to count. It lists the existing files properly so I’ve managed to grab quite a few of them, but chkdsk destroyed some files and marked them deleted. The program apparently has an issue with deleted files and crashes long before it gets around to listing them so that I can select them to restore.

Also, my partition table has vanished, all Operating Systems now say that the drive is entirely blank and unformatted.

I created a new NTFS partition on my main disc as a place to drop all of the restored data. Vista borked my partition order and grub wouldn’t let me boot anything until I manually fixed it.

I’ll be updating this post rather than posting more, since I’m hoping to have this issue solved ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Hard Drive Hell (III)

  1. Paradox says:

    Grub is a pain to restore, I had to edit it from the console initially just to boot Vista; then had to edit it via Vista so that it would detect my (re-numbered) Ubuntu partition.

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