Hard Drive Hell (Part II)

Follow-up to previous post.

So I bought a new enclosure. Connected everything. Ubuntu tells me that all of my partitions have some form of error. Not completely unexpected I suppose. So I boot into Vista and start trying to restore things using “Stellar Phoenix Fat & Ntfs 2.1 Incl Crk” (Thanks Chris!). I managed to restore my FAT32 partition containing all of my photos with very few problems.

The ext3 partition with all of my music is being a bit more difficult. It seems that the superblock stuff got corrupt somewhere, and the journal is entirely dead. I tried forcing a mount as ext2 (to ignore the journal), but that was no luck either. Then I made a stupid mistake, I used dd to try copying the data to another blank partition. Or, what I thought was a blank partition. Apparently sda3 is really my second partition, and sda2 is my blank one. So as dd runs happily, nautilus crashes, my programs die, and Ubuntu gives me a warning that my partition is filling up with corrupt data. Wonderful.

I gave up trying to remove the corrupt data, tossed in a LiveCD and just formatted my Ubuntu partition. This is why I have an external hard drive in the first place, so that nothing horribly important ends up on my OS partitions. Now I just have to hack my video card drivers and GNOME themes again.

So I boot back into Windows to see if I can restore my NTFS partition with all of my Uru stuff on it. Running Stellar Phoenix was great… and then just before I get the option to restore files, Vista gives me a Blue Screen of Death. Apparently ntfs.sys detected corruption. Well, y’know, that corruption is exactly what I was trying to fix before you crashed. >.<

So I’m currently running chkdsk /r on my NTFS partition to see if I can fix NTFS errors before restoring files (and hopefully remove the need to restore them at all).

The ext3 music partition I’m not horribly worried about, I have most of the music between two iPods and I should be able to drag it back onto a new partition if necessary.


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