Ah, hypocrasy…

We all seem to agree that the community in Uru is a problem, but we all disagree with what part of the community is causing the problems.

We say that fighting is one of the main issues, and how do we point that out?
By posting flaming posts that point out the flaws in others…

Not really solving the problem is it?

Hypocrasy at its best!

(P.S. – This is about me mostly. Yes, I’m hypocritical.)


3 thoughts on “Ah, hypocrasy…

  1. Alahmnat says:

    Heh, you and me both it seems.

  2. Hoikas says:

    We all are, at some point.

    This community would probably best benefit from disbanding to *some* degree, but I doubt that’s going to happen. IMO at least.

  3. Aloys says:

    MOUL is going down, and unless UU starts again, I honnestly don’t see the community staying together for too long, except for a few close knitted group like ours..
    The whole community won’t disappear overnight, but *most* of it would indeed disband slowly with time.

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