Why Canada is awesome…

wandering_nomad just blogged and sent me a copy via Skype…
Why Canada is awesome

(Drawing by nomad)

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25 thoughts on “Why Canada is awesome…

  1. Hemingway Forbes says:

    Canada Awesome? You are kidding are you not? Neive, self-indulging, cocerned over their cold latte, and blind to the realities of the planet better describes a Canadian in general. Outside of hockey, and Timmies for watered down double doubles and oh of course their ugh beer there is little much to a Canadian. Moaning over the darndest things. They have slid from a country to live in to a country to flee. Heavy taxes, lousy health care, oh yes the word is lousy, and for those with retirement in mind they are flocking to warm sunny climes taking their pensions with them. Where do Canadians get off as being smug, self-rightous and holier than thou? Those days are gone. Canada is a country being swarmed by immigrants of all ilk and for whatever reason there is little interest in Europeans. Canada makes getting into the country so easy any loser from anywhere can find safe haven with education, clothing, housing, health care and whatall paid by taxpayers. You call that a country or a barrel of crock? Get with it Canada you do not like anything more than fence sitting. Only recently you got a government who sees the trees. Canadians one on one are fabulous people. Meet them all over the world however those left in Canada are lost in their own swill. They are truely world ignorant, have no clue what is going on and continue to wave their flag of piety, world love and peace. Get real. You been had!

    • Curt says:

      Wow seriously? You got nothing better to do than talk bulltron about a country that is currently fighting terrorism in Afganistan. Sure we’ve had our problems… But nothing… And i mean nothing compares to what went down in America for 8 years. After seeing George W. Bush being sworn into office i somehow knew you were doomed. “Families is where or nation finds hope, where wings take dream” (G. W. Bush). I think that pretty much sums up your country.

    • Curt says:

      I dare you to try and get into Canada you’d fit right in with all the cold latte’d, nieve, self-indulging, world ignorant douche bags. But it’s funny because you’d be all by yourself. Or you could just stay in the U.S. and you’d fit right in with the self-rightous, cold latte’d, nieve, self-indulging, world ignorant douche bags. But not all Americans are like you. If you are American. You are a special type of person, who believe bullshitting about country that you know nothing about is the patriotic thing to do, that just makes you no different than anyone who has ever doubted a country because you thought that they were inferior to yours. And to that i say good day, think twice before talking about a country and you maybe wouldn’t have that American sterotype.

    • A canadian says:

      Hey buddy

      where are you from, the U.S. are you a biased prejudicial ignorant fool have you ever stepped into our country seen the the beauty, talked to the people.

      it sounds like you havent.

      Sounds like you sit in a box and do nothing all day

    • Oiler194 says:

      so, your making fun of a country that gives free health care, dosnt have problems with Mexicans, is ranked near the top of the charts at racial tolerance, and is just overal much more friendly than the us? Are u mentally dissabled? o wait, u must be american.

  2. damn canuck says:

    w0w, fuck you hoser

  3. Alex says:

    So, Hemingway forbes… are you mentally retarded? Do you follow the news at all? Have you ever picked up a news paper? Right now im wondering how people like you have survived. Ok so “Where do Canadians get off as being smug, self-rightous and holier than thou?” well the fact that you just said that makes you a moron, becuase if your saying that im pretty sure youve never met a Canadian. And whats wrong with helping countries out by making Canada Accessable, im posotive that if you took the test to get into Canada you would fail, miserably. the only question in my mind right now is how can you think this? if you can give backed up reasons why canada is what you say it is, you might not be as mentally retarded as you look when you wrote all that.
    sincerely alex

  4. Alex says:

    oh and totally agree with Curt

  5. real canadian says:

    wow that is just sad. listening to some ignorrent (no doubt american) person talking down about a place he has never really been to. your information is almost compleatly false. first of our health care is ranked higher than the majoraty of first world contries (includeing the states witch is somewhere under sloveinia) our life span and standard of liveing is also high above most contries. our taxes are high, but it is worth the free health care, careing for those less fortuneate, and other services that it provides. and lastly hockey is the best sport in the world and every other contry sucks at it compaired to canada.

  6. chris hromek says:

    canadians are going to find out hopefully once and for all in the name of Left Wing Liberals everywhere….they are not right. Canadians, and i am one (i had to be born somewhere, and i had no choice where i was born), are a very hypocritical, shallow society. We all like to walk around as if we have something on the rest of the world especially america. The irony is, we would be no where, or else speak chinese, if it was not for america. Canadians should ultimately attribute their smugness to geography.
    They define themselves as per america, which makes america their masters.


    Don’t believe me? If only we could ask each of the several million former Canadians who now live in the U.S.

    • Cam from Canada says:

      Well why are you still here then? Really?

    • Adam says:

      If you don’t like it than leave. Have fun paying for healthcare.

    • Cassandra says:

      Really? Get fucked and get out. You are pretty ignorant. Try picking up a book sometime and learning something about what your talking about. People are individuals, how can you assume we all have our heads up our asses? You wanna learn about some sick shit, try looking up stuff about your own country. Every ones got problems.. but you fuck heads are the topping on the nasty shit american cake. I hope this kicks you in the ass later fuck heads.

  7. Kirk the abroad canadian says:

    hmm…Chris managed to point out something often overlooked in terms of how we canadians define ourselves (by what we are NOT: ie, american); our geography can´t be overlooked either (we got lots of space (despite the cold), and space equals social tolerance, at the very least).

    On the other hand, everyone defines themselves or their group against “the other,” and a degree of self-righteousness, while unattractive, isn´t totally unjustified if you think america´s controlling of the world status quo – US stay on top! – is ultimately non-humanitarian (yet sold to their people as exactly the opposite). Most people from countries outside north america seem to feel this way. Then again, america has massive potential, including socially progressive potential, and if they ever reach it, most canadians may only have hockey to be better at (and every canadian knows that america´s national team is pretty fing good).

    Do we canadians think canada is better than america? Most of us do. And we´re not only better than america are we? We´re nicer and more humanitarian than pretty much everyone, which is why we´re better – does that sound like a (north) american thing to say? Honestly, I think canada is great, but it´s not because each single person did his/her part to make it that way: our generation lucked out with birth and and a good reputation, at least a bit. We are also unlucky because the real engine of north america is capitalism facilitated by government, and each person doesn´t REALLY act against it so much as feel good about him/herself. That´s why many canadians think americans are stupid, and the ground (north) america has to make up in terms of its potential.

    Maybe the canada critics should defend it, and the defenders should criticize it to put things in perspective better.

  8. kieran says:

    hemminhway forbes is an idiot.i feel sorry for the guy.someone should tell him that hes a dumbass.like,does this guy just sit in his trailer with a 1995 pc and voice his stupid opinions, that dont make anysense,and just says shit,when it sounds like the retard never left his trailer.fukin idiot.canada is great.were self-ritous?maybe the french,but every french person is.and most americans coudnt be self ritous considering thier idiots.there ignorant and arrogant ass holes.oh my over 300 million people and 145 million must be retards.and are health care is fine,sure we wait,DEPENDING ON THE AREA!im fukin sure that if i was bitten by a moose[lol]that toronto could do it in 8 minutes and i didnt have to pay, and got a popsicle.sure if u go to moose jaw manitoba[or some province]ud wait.hemmingway forbes is a total moron and should stay in his trailer due to the fact that if he was reasled to the public it would sadly be 145 and 1 million stupid people.

  9. Oiler194 says:

    I haven’t read all of these comments, but most of what ive read is American BS. I dont care if the US is stronger or whatever. I have relatives up there and I am Canadian. The only reason u make fun of Canada is ’cause u are mad that the us is a crappy place to live right now and Canada isnt.

  10. Canadian boy says:

    Canada is almost like America just less violent and more intelligent

  11. Canadian boy says:

    oh and as for Hemingway Forbes go get a fucking education

  12. Adversary says:

    It seems as though you have never been to Canada before. Never met a Canadian? I do not think you have. I am not going to leave an ill-advised remark, but what you said was discomposing.
    I have many immigrant friends, who have moved from a different country and say that Canada is the only place they would want to be. I also have a friend who said, “The only place I would not like to move, would be America.” Exactly quoted by my friend.
    Unlike you visiting my country, I have been to yours. At least I have an educated, and fact supported opinion. You made an idiotic comment, and you have probably never taken a step across the Northern boarder.
    So, I dare you, to cross the boarder and express your opinion to Canadians. You know what is going to happen? Once they hear what you have to say, they’ll rip off your face, and hand it to you.
    We give people from other countries a chance to live in Canada, The true North, Strong, and Free. Says so right in our Anthem, and true it is. I am not going to say anything bad about The USA, as I know some of them aren’t.
    Unlike you, you must be one of the most Ignorant, Self-indulged, NAIVE person, that people would ever meet. Get a grip, pull yourself together. Go back to school, and get an education, as it seems that you don’t have one.

  13. Paige, who believes your an ideot! says:

    HA wow really? you contradicting, ignorant IDEOT! you call Canadians ignorant, yet you seem to not know whats going on in Canada yourself, nor do i believe you know what Canadians are doing for the US or any other country! In the DICTONARY that would be called IGNORANT! Oh and i have no doubt in my mind that your the kind of ignorant, slimy, pitiful, stupid americain from the way you speak about Canada. Does that feel good? to be generalized like that? hm? i didn’t think so! dont go generalizing a country for the GOVERNMENTS actions from its past, thats not its peoples decisions. And dont genralize Canadians as they are PEOPLE! get it? people are all different, and I strongly believe there is someone who is from the same country as you, thinks compleatly different from you, and likes Canada.

    Have you even met a Canadian by the way? were highly intelligent people you know. Oh and do you happen to like hockey? basketball? lacrosse? look it up because they were all invented by your friends the CANADIANS? Go back to school, take a Canadian history class and shut your mouth who ever you are.

    PS. hiding behind a computer is so brave of you! you must really stand behind your opinions! BRAVO!

  14. Kaydje says:

    I love Canada, but I don’t consider it better or worse than any other country in the world because I realise if I was born somewhere else or raised differently my views would be much different from what they are now.

    Anyhow, just like anywhere else in the world, Canada is full of stupid people. You can’t say there’s a large concentration of intelligent people anywhere because stupid people are everywhere!

    I see dumb people, they’re everywhere. They walk around like everyone else, but they don’t know.. They’re dumb.

  15. IBegYourPardon says:

    May I add a few facts that may turn any foreign nay-sayers.

    The Hudsons Bay Company once owned over 10% of the earth’s surface and is still around as the worlds oldest company

    The average dog sled team can kill and devour a full grown human in under 3 minutes.

    We have the largest English population that never ever surrendered or withdrew during any war to anyone. anywhere. EVER.

    Near our civil war-era, the Americans attacked a fort in the great lakes area, which ended in the Americans continually withdrawing until they were forced further south than the capital, Washington. After the Americans retreated once again, the Canucks decided they wanted to leave, so they set the city alight, and went home to party. Go figure.

    You know about that civil war? it was fought in a bar and it lasted a little over an hour.

    Our elections take ONE day.

    A large portion of land north of B.C. was handed to the Americans in the days when Canada was still controlled by Britain, for one reason: The Americans were good trade partners, and Britain didn’t want Canada to pound the Yankees into the ground. Yes, we’re so good our leaders didn’t want to mess around with us.

    Canada has not yet been victim of a foreign terrorist attack on our territory.

    Our Prime Minister (NOT PRESIDENT) Peirre Trudeau authorized fully armed soliders to patrol the streets of Quebec, just to handle a few seperatists.

    Free Health Care. Nuff’ Said.

    We’ve invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone and short wave radios that save countless lives each year.

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