Opera files complaint…

I’ve used the Opera browser on many occasions; but tend to fall back on Firefox most often because I can easily keep the same setting between Windows and Ubuntu.

Regardless, this post makes me a very happy llama. I’ve been doing lots of work with Moodle, and specifically Netbiz Direct trying to keep them all looking the same across browsers. (“The same” meaning that the nav bar actually sits in a usable place, and doesn’t float half-way off the screen.) As Dennis says on Twitter: “I wonder if there is some kind of fix_all_ie_bugs.js script that I’ve overlooked.”

I would to have a script like that, and wish that it existed on an hourly basis :(


2 thoughts on “Opera files complaint…

  1. Paradox says:

    yes, but that doesn’t mean anything for those who refuse to upgrade and are still using IE6. (All of the computers at school have IE6, we went and upgraded them to IE7 or Firefox, and they were all reverted by the management company).

    I am glad to hear that IE8 will have better support for standards, but I’ll still need hacks in the meantime and for other browsers.

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