A few views…

This is a rant. If it offends you, don’t read it. I’m entitled to my views, you’re entitled to yours.

The Golden Compass
This is one movie that I was looking so forward to seeing, and now I’m hoping that I never have to watch a single second of it. There was a great storyline there, possibly one of the best that I’ve ever seen (along with “The Dark is Rising Sequence”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, and a few others). The storyline is anti-religious. Deal with it.
Unfortunately, the amount of complaints that it would corrupt our youth turned it into a watered down shadow of what it might have been. Thank you for ruining so much potential.

The politically correct world
After hearing about the following, I think I want to stop existing in this type of world:

  • Santa Claus is no longer allowed to say “ho ho ho”… because ‘ho’ is considered to be a derogatory term.
  • Charities who stand outside shopping malls and wish people a ‘Merry Christmas’ and ring bells have been asked to stop because patrons found the bells irritating and annoying.
  • “Merry Christmas” is no longer to be used, as it doesn’t take into account other religious views.

Yes we have to be tolerant and accepting, but there has to be a limit somewhere. Honestly, how many people who aren’t Christian actually get upset when someone says ‘Merry Christmas’?

I swear that I will spend the next month running around shouting “Merry Christmas” and “Ho Ho Ho” to everyone that I meet just as a protest of this stupidity. I reject you, society!

Oh, I also realized that my initial calculations for filling the English Great Hall with balls were inaccurate. It will cost approximately $7000 USD. Quite achievable!


4 thoughts on “A few views…

  1. Tweek says:

    * Sticks in candy floss are removed for fear of splinters.
    * Police not allowed to jump into river to save a drowning boy (who died as a result) because they didn’t have “training”

    Welcome to our wonder modern society, 2% sense 98% stupidity.

  2. Mike says:

    ya, it’s pretty retarded. How about you take my approach? Say what you want and if anyone has a problem with it swear at them. It’s a lot more fun..


  3. Tweek says:

    Yeah, I tried that but now I’m banned from public places.

  4. Paradox says:

    public places, rubbing the chests of young children, any sporting event where the opportunity to streak may arise…

    What aren’t you banned from Tweek? :P

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