Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!
Bonne Année!
あけました おめでと ございます!

Pidgin Protocol (Part I)

I use Pidgin for everything related to online communication. The beauty is how it supports so many protocols in a single client, and allows for expansion and addition of new protocols quite easily. My most recent (and insane) idea is to get a CyanChat protocol plugin working for Pidgin.

Now ideally, if I run into trouble and get stuck, I can ask at the Pidgin forums… but Pidgin doesn’t have any support forums, so I’m apparently going to have to rely on existing plugins and hope that some devs find this blog post via a Google search.

To start with, I’m taking the existing IRC plugin and using it as a base. IRC is overall the most similar to CC out of all of the protocol plugins. The main catch is that CC has no concept of buddies, and no way to register nicknames. Without some form of nickname registration, you can’t be sure that the buddy that you’ve added is actually the right person.

My goal was to have a protocol where you could create an account in Pidgin, give it a username, a server, and a port; and it would place a “chat” icon in the Pidgin buddy list with the server name and the port. Apparently Pidgin has some other ideas…
CC is also different from IRC in that you can’t join multiple channels. Once you’re in, you’re in. Requiring the user to “Add a Chat” to connect to CC is stupid, because there is only one chat available. It seems that Pidgin has never encountered a protocol with this sort of insanity and restriction before, and doesn’t provide any visibly easy way to deal with it.

Now, I’m not really writing this as an intended way of accessing CyanChat. I’m writing it mainly to get a basic understanding of how Pidgin handles protocols and accounts and to brush up on my knowledge of C++. I could in theory, write my own CC-based server with nickname registration and a few other things, but that would require a new server to be written (and not based from my C# server, because it doesn’t work in Mono on Ubuntu).

Right now my main question is: Can I create a plugin that will automatically connect to a server and add a chat to the buddy list?

Opera files complaint…

I’ve used the Opera browser on many occasions; but tend to fall back on Firefox most often because I can easily keep the same setting between Windows and Ubuntu.

Regardless, this post makes me a very happy llama. I’ve been doing lots of work with Moodle, and specifically Netbiz Direct trying to keep them all looking the same across browsers. (“The same” meaning that the nav bar actually sits in a usable place, and doesn’t float half-way off the screen.) As Dennis says on Twitter: “I wonder if there is some kind of fix_all_ie_bugs.js script that I’ve overlooked.”

I would to have a script like that, and wish that it existed on an hourly basis :(

More randomness

I probably need to create a new category on here called “Ball Pit” for all of the random stuff that I’m posting >.>

May I present a follow-up to the original XKCD comic:

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading about some laws. I’m actually liking the conenctions that I can make between laws at different levels of government. :)

A few views…

This is a rant. If it offends you, don’t read it. I’m entitled to my views, you’re entitled to yours.

The Golden Compass
This is one movie that I was looking so forward to seeing, and now I’m hoping that I never have to watch a single second of it. There was a great storyline there, possibly one of the best that I’ve ever seen (along with “The Dark is Rising Sequence”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, and a few others). The storyline is anti-religious. Deal with it.
Unfortunately, the amount of complaints that it would corrupt our youth turned it into a watered down shadow of what it might have been. Thank you for ruining so much potential.

The politically correct world
After hearing about the following, I think I want to stop existing in this type of world:

  • Santa Claus is no longer allowed to say “ho ho ho”… because ‘ho’ is considered to be a derogatory term.
  • Charities who stand outside shopping malls and wish people a ‘Merry Christmas’ and ring bells have been asked to stop because patrons found the bells irritating and annoying.
  • “Merry Christmas” is no longer to be used, as it doesn’t take into account other religious views.

Yes we have to be tolerant and accepting, but there has to be a limit somewhere. Honestly, how many people who aren’t Christian actually get upset when someone says ‘Merry Christmas’?

I swear that I will spend the next month running around shouting “Merry Christmas” and “Ho Ho Ho” to everyone that I meet just as a protest of this stupidity. I reject you, society!

Oh, I also realized that my initial calculations for filling the English Great Hall with balls were inaccurate. It will cost approximately $7000 USD. Quite achievable!