Hallowe’en and NaNo

Yay! Tomorrow is Hallowe’en!

Like usual, my sister and I have decorated the yard, the basement, and the front entranceway for the occasion. I’m also acting as Master of Ceremonies for the school costume contest.

Also, NaNoWriMo… I signed up again, and still don’t have any form of fully thought out storyline. However, I intend to finish, even if the story makes no sense to anyone (including myself).

In other news, I’ve gotten back to work on my Ahra Pahts shell. I’m making a lot more progress this time, and I’m currently working on some insane region-based stuff that might be cool ;)



This deserves a post of its own:

[RIUM+] If you were a piece of furniture, would you view Ikea as more of a maternity ward, hospital emergency room, circus freak show or an equivalent to a morbid black-market organ transplant store?


EDIT: This just in…
[RIUM+] I am never going to be able to look at two chairs stacked on top of eachother and not snicker like a 12-year-old. >.>


Python Conversion Script

I’ve always been the type of person to keep logs of conversations over IM, whether to check back for the code snippit that someone pasted to me, or to check what someone said. With my move to using both Ubuntu and Windows, I started using Pidgin on both systems to keep a similar UI between the two systems. Even though Pidgin still stores its logs in different places on each OS, I can easily go and copy the logs from one place to another.

The same could not be said for my existing MSN logs. They were in some convoluted XML format, and there was no way that Pidgin was going to parse those without a fight.

So I wrote a Python script to convert the XML to plain-text.

$ python converter.py ./nameoflog.xml addressofuser@hotmail.com

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Another untitled post which serves as a status update for the people who might care

If I can’t think of a good title, I’ll be creative with my lack of one >.>

So on Friday we had the school Terry Fox Run, which wasn’t bad. There were a few things that were disappointing, and a few things that could have been handled better; but overall it was a good run.

Saturday wasn’t all that interesting, Sunday I was working.

Monday I woke up really sick, missed school and spent most of the day in bed. Then today I went to school, but I have this horrible cough.

Summary of my weekend in 100 words.