Status Update

Schedule is still screwed up… worse than I originally realized…

Guild Pubs are out in Uru, I get to run around and make sure that the meeting announcements are always visible on the Imager.

Happy Free Hugs day.

*is horribly apathetic right now and can’t be bothered to type anything more*


7 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. chief1 says:

    I’ve been looking for you ever since we clashed in the forums. My topic was getting MUOL to work in Linux. You in particular got very nasty about it. Young man, you’re not the only one who dabbles and hacks programs. You weren’t satisfied to insult me once and let it go but you felt the need to show off and hit me multiple times. Thanks to you I’ve stopped posting and refuse to share my secrets with the others. When you continued making remarks I sent you the following PM: (as close to verbatim as possible): “get off my ass before I climb on yours.” I wrongly assumed you’d take the hint and move on to some other subject. Instead you reported me to Cyan as having sent you a threatening PM. The reply to both of us from Cyan is that we should not provoke others into making threats and not to belabor points.
    As a courtesy I’ll tell you that although MUOL works well on Ubuntu Feisty without resorting to error prone Cider, the effort just wasn’t worth it. The game runs slowly, the graphics are flat, the sound is mediocre and many times I can log in and not show on anybody’s lists. I worked since April on that patch and you attacked it the first time I posted about it.
    At the beginning of this blog you ask people to tell you wether they like you or not. That’s childish. What does it matter what people think of you personally? If you participate and help people and keep yourself from flaming and bashing others, whether they like you or not is not the point. The point is respect. The point is self esteem. You destroyed any respect the members of the forum may have had for me. Wannabe’s saw your bash and climbed on it, trying to better you. Trying to hit harder than you and make themselves look good while saying, Paradox22 said it first. Are you aware that not only did I receive several nasty pm’s but I also got emails, one of which promised to seek me out and kick my butt.
    Do I like you? No more and no less than I like anybody else.
    To save myself from further complaints you may choose to make, this comment to you is strictly my own opinion and is not meant to scare you, threaten you or intimidate or insult you. You also asked for comments so here is mine.

  2. Hoikas says:

    Boo hoo. Paradox made the little baby cry… What’s the little baby going to do? Run off in his corner and cry some more?

    Go cry to someone who cares.

  3. XeresRazor says:

    Wow, someone really has a lot of free time on their hands.

  4. StarCat79 says:

    First off i’d like to comment that your bashing is just as childish, worse YOU started a rumor that someone had found a flymode hack. to which many people were worried…things like that are not funny…second, the only thing i saw initially to your next thread about running uru on linux was that you should talk to the cyan legal department. At which point you came unhinged and started attacking everyone…if you had been attacked via PM before the Cyan legal comment was made you should have reported it to the UO mods. I have reported things myself before that were offensive or inappropriate…not necessarily because i MIGHT find them offensive but because others would, and polite society does not want such things. You were given plenty of opportunities by the UO community to report the harassment, even to the point that a mod asked you directly. sorry but the first thread would have been enough to warrant the attacks when the second thread was opened, I’m not condoning the harassment…just saying it was understandable considering you thought everyone would find a flymode hack on uru live would be funny and interesting. If your intention was to test the waters for a “hack” to get uru working on linux on the first thread, then simply coming straight out and saying you might have a way to get it to work on linux would have been the proper and adult route. If that was not your intention then you should have stated that it was a joke from the get go. Have fun. Hopefully you’ve learned something about what an appropriate joke is.

  5. chief1 says:

    Starcat79, if you’d read my post it was entitled “what if” and was worded all along as just a thought. I never started or intended to start a rumor. I had been thinking of the fun we had with flymode in the early days and how nice it would be if we had it again. When I posted I already had it working and admit to “testing the waters”. My intent was to get a discussion going about it then give it away to anyone who wanted it. I decided not to rat out my fellow posters by not giving their names to the mods and having them get barred. If I knew then how I was going to be treated I certainly would have reported them to the mods and my isp.
    The reason I bashed our host is my reaction to being ratted upon. Cyan sent me a full copy of his exagerated complaint which made him look like the innocent party and me the ogre. Finding his blog allowed me to vent my anger.
    Let me ask the 3 of you who replied: why is UO such a mean natured place. I am not the first person I’ve seen unmercifully bashed and of course I won’t be the last. All of us here have feelings and nobody likes to have theirs publicly trashed.

  6. chief1 says:

    You know, I went back and read the old post. I owe you guys an apology because it sure looks like I was spreading a rumor, making my above post incorrect. Even though it looks that way, I intended no harm and although I know better than ask, I will ask for your forgiveness as I make my apology. Enjoy your blog. I won’t trouble you again. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and I can expect and deserve no understanding or forgiveness.
    Have a great life.

  7. インギスカン says:

    lol internetz

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