Summer Moved on…

So thus is an ending written, so thus does a new one begin.

I kinda wanted to put something here that represented my summer, but I decided it would be easier to just thank people for what they contributed. So… vaaht, TW, Edrick, nomad, and GS for the Skype sessions; nomad for hosting CCR; TW for letting me host CCR; everyone in CyanChat for always being there and always being such good friends; Adam for giving me someone to make snide sarcastic comments to (among other things); Zrax for the docs (or lackthereof :P ); everyone over in H’uru for giving me something to work on this summer; Brin for… everything that you did; all of the people that I met in Uru for keeping the cavern alive; (despite my best intentions) everyone involved in the Guild of Writers stuff; Sam for the GoW interview; Chris and Dan for the job; and all of the other people that I’m not mentioning here… (wow.. that sounded like a really bad speech at an awards ceremony).

Anyways, summer is ending… life is beginning…


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