So, I’ve been meaning to update for the past few days and haven’t managed to find the time.

I’ll start with the most important: I touched a TI-89 Titanium Edition Calculator! *goes into shock again*

Finally got my schedule fixed for now… let’s see if it stays that way for more than a week >.>
Had a nice GoW debate over the weekend that might make some useful progress in the next while.

Terry Fox Run was on Sunday. :) School run is next Friday. (For you who isn’t reading this, I will win this time :P )

Student Council meeting at school today, looks like we’ll have a good crowd for next year :) Library Volunteer group tomorrow, so I’m hoping that the turnout for that is good too.

Okay, this rambling post is over >.>

Batting record: 4/4

Some of you may remember a post from last year in which I complained about the insanity of school schedules. I wasn’t really expecting everything to go smoothly… but I wanted to think that things would be pretty nice overall.

I was wrong (again). I’ve been at the school for four year, and every year my schedule has been messed up in some way.

This year, I’m doing a special course which combines Socials, English, Law, Biology, and Math (called Connections). However, I finished the included Math course last year and was told that there would be no problems if I skipped the Math blocks.
Instead, they somehow managed to slot me into both my regular Math class, and a block of the Connections Math… except that the Connections Math block isn’t at the usual time, and was created specifically for me because I have a Japanese class at the same time as the normal Math block for Connections. What’s worse, is that now I’m not in the Connections Biology block because of this Math issue. *smites the scheduling software and hopes that the administration is coming to dread his name*
Oh, and it dropped me out of French again… déja vu anyone?

Summer Moved on…

So thus is an ending written, so thus does a new one begin.

I kinda wanted to put something here that represented my summer, but I decided it would be easier to just thank people for what they contributed. So… vaaht, TW, Edrick, nomad, and GS for the Skype sessions; nomad for hosting CCR; TW for letting me host CCR; everyone in CyanChat for always being there and always being such good friends; Adam for giving me someone to make snide sarcastic comments to (among other things); Zrax for the docs (or lackthereof :P ); everyone over in H’uru for giving me something to work on this summer; Brin for… everything that you did; all of the people that I met in Uru for keeping the cavern alive; (despite my best intentions) everyone involved in the Guild of Writers stuff; Sam for the GoW interview; Chris and Dan for the job; and all of the other people that I’m not mentioning here… (wow.. that sounded like a really bad speech at an awards ceremony).

Anyways, summer is ending… life is beginning…