Week of the software releases

So, first of all… *pokes amonre to fix the MystBlogs font problem* :P

I went to work yesterday helping a guy get a website set up. I’m a big fan of the open-source Moodle program. While it is designed primarily for schools, I’ve found that (like most open-source stuff) it can be adapted to suit the individual needs of a project. I tend to like open-source web projects, especially ones that work well as Content Management Systems (Moodle, WordPress, etc.).

Anyways, something has apparently inspired me to get some of my old projects done (non of them web-related). Last night I released PCSCCC, and tonight I have a rewritten my D’ni Clock application. Available for download here (.zip format). As much as my productivity seems to be high, I really don’t think that a working version of HuruStudio will be available within the next few weeks (although I’d love for it to be released). I am still aiming for a primary release in the early-mid fall though. *crosses fingers*

Now, what is this? Three blog posts in less than 72 hours?! Unheard of :P

I think everyone is worried about the “Season Finale” of Uru Live. Despite knowing that it won’t happen until mid-late October, everyone fears a repeat of the closure in 2004. Chucker has summed everything up rather nicely on his blog. Read it! (if you haven’t already).


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