The following post contains information and propaganda for the MystBlogs site. It is also being used to prove a point.

For anyone wondering, or those of your who have noticed the little MystBlogs link on the side, MystBlogs is a syndication of blog posts from Myst fans across the world. I go there to read blogs from friends in CyanChat, friends on the forums, and even people that I’ve never met. If you’re a Myst fan with a blog, you should add yourself :).
Now, to explain the awful colouring of this post… MystBlogs uses the hexadecimal colour #2c5360 as a background for the blog posts that it displays. However, it doesn’t always strip the colouring codes out of the blog posts (I’ve seen a recent post that was in bright red and wasn’t colour stripped… and therefor nearly impossible to read against the blue-green background). So this is my test: I am posting in the same colour as the background of MystBlogs. If my post is rendered invisible, I will have proof that colour codes should be stripped before the post is displayed. If it doesn’t work, then I need someone to do it with a LiveJournal account >.> Anyways, you folks got two blog posts in a single night, I can return to my lurky shadows for the next while…

… return to my lurky shadows where I can worry about MOUL and all of this “season finale” stuff :(


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