I’m an immoral thief :D

So apparently using the AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox is stealing, immoral, cheating, dirty, and in violation of web-host rights.
I won’t rehash the same arguments again, but WhyFirefoxIsBlocked almost makes me glad that I installed it. It really does provide a great feature: Facebook and Yahoo look much cleaner without ads.

I reinstalled Ubuntu a few days ago because the beta version that I was running had killed by display drivers. I’ve got to say, you never realize just how much stuff you install until you need to install it all again. :P

On Thursday (well technically early Friday morning); I had an interesting chat with Brice Tebbs in CyanChat about Plasma. *huggles the screenshots of Plasma from 1997/1998*
Of course, that meant that on Friday when I went into the city, that I was running on 2 hours sleep. Remind me never to do that again :P

There was a Guild of Writers meeting yesterday; and UruRadio interviewed me today about HuruStudio. Things are picking up, and hopefully we’ll see some nice progression into the future.


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