On people who take control…

Okay buddy, stop it.

We have control here, we have a plan. Don’t try to bring us down. We’ve stated several times that we have a plan, and yet you insist on trying to make us go against our plan. Stop it.

You know that we aren’t ready, that we’re still discussing things; yet you decide to bring everything into the public eye and onvolve everyone who shows any form of interest. Stop it.

You… yes you. You will not ruin our project, we have control. Without us, there is no project. Keep that in mind.


2 thoughts on “On people who take control…

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  2. Nadnerb says:

    Now that’s interesting. You’re complaining because your project is being brought some recognition in ‘the public eye’. And why should you be excluding those who show interest? You might do well to explain how this is ‘ruining your project’.

    If you have some sort of fear of being noticed, then how is it that you have personally become the one person to talk to about the future of age creation, and show up in the cavern to answer questions about the guild of writers, even though you are working on Uru content tools, which is not the guild of writers?

    Perhaps if your statement wasn’t so completely vague, I might have less of a problem with it, but the general attitude is not good for you or anyone else.

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