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So I’ve pretty much been lazy for the past few weeks, I’ve managed to completely destroy a few things (including my sleep cycle, and my Myst V installation).

Yeah, who’da thunk that weird things happen when you stay up ’til 3 am every night >.>

Anyways, I was playing around with my Myst V installation; trying to add an Age to the game, so I did some weird PRP hacking…
Unfortunately, Myst V is completely different from Uru and no one is entirely sure of anything when it comes to Myst V and PRP objects. So I managed to generate 4 stackdumps upon launch. (and yes, I’m still blaming you RIUM+ :P )

Also, for anyone wondering about some of the random stuff that they are seeing on my Facebook profile (like the “Married to TW” group); you need to spend a lot more time in CyanChat. :P

*poofs in a bout of noise that sounds suspiciously like “ZED!”* ;)


2 thoughts on “[Generic blog post title]

  1. RIUM+ says:

    Blame me all you want, you know you’re happy I gave you that age and you’d much rather have it than if I withheld it ;P

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