Familiar Voices (Day III) & 1 YEAR!

Firstly, I have officially been blogging for over a year! *hands out cake*

I did three QA sessions today for the Guild of Writers. It looks like there might be some hope after all.

The biggest problem is walking into a “Writers Guild’s Bevin” and seeing something like this on the imager:
imager screenshot

That upset me quite a bit: I didn’t recognize the name, which usually indicates that the person hasn’t been involved with Age building in the past; which means that they likely don’t know about the tools and the work involved, and from the post, they didn’t even really seem interested in creating Ages.

I hate feeling like I’m monopolizing Kirel, so I’m actively trying to encourage other Guilds to put representatives in Kirel to answer questions (Greeters and Cartographers especially).

Also, have you seen this post by chucker? If not… what are you waiting for?!


One thought on “Familiar Voices (Day III) & 1 YEAR!

  1. Cave Weta says:

    The Writers Guild Hood has been around for ages, and that message is old. I agree that it probably should have been changed when Kirel was released, and the hood was offered as somewhere for those interested in the Guild of Writers to gather.
    Who’s Ghola? He put a huge amount of work into Mystralia 2007.

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