Week of the software releases

So, first of all… *pokes amonre to fix the MystBlogs font problem* :P

I went to work yesterday helping a guy get a website set up. I’m a big fan of the open-source Moodle program. While it is designed primarily for schools, I’ve found that (like most open-source stuff) it can be adapted to suit the individual needs of a project. I tend to like open-source web projects, especially ones that work well as Content Management Systems (Moodle, WordPress, etc.).

Anyways, something has apparently inspired me to get some of my old projects done (non of them web-related). Last night I released PCSCCC, and tonight I have a rewritten my D’ni Clock application. Available for download here (.zip format). As much as my productivity seems to be high, I really don’t think that a working version of HuruStudio will be available within the next few weeks (although I’d love for it to be released). I am still aiming for a primary release in the early-mid fall though. *crosses fingers*

Now, what is this? Three blog posts in less than 72 hours?! Unheard of :P

I think everyone is worried about the “Season Finale” of Uru Live. Despite knowing that it won’t happen until mid-late October, everyone fears a repeat of the closure in 2004. Chucker has summed everything up rather nicely on his blog. Read it! (if you haven’t already).


The following post contains information and propaganda for the MystBlogs site. It is also being used to prove a point.

For anyone wondering, or those of your who have noticed the little MystBlogs link on the side, MystBlogs is a syndication of blog posts from Myst fans across the world. I go there to read blogs from friends in CyanChat, friends on the forums, and even people that I’ve never met. If you’re a Myst fan with a blog, you should add yourself :).
Now, to explain the awful colouring of this post… MystBlogs uses the hexadecimal colour #2c5360 as a background for the blog posts that it displays. However, it doesn’t always strip the colouring codes out of the blog posts (I’ve seen a recent post that was in bright red and wasn’t colour stripped… and therefor nearly impossible to read against the blue-green background). So this is my test: I am posting in the same colour as the background of MystBlogs. If my post is rendered invisible, I will have proof that colour codes should be stripped before the post is displayed. If it doesn’t work, then I need someone to do it with a LiveJournal account >.> Anyways, you folks got two blog posts in a single night, I can return to my lurky shadows for the next while…

… return to my lurky shadows where I can worry about MOUL and all of this “season finale” stuff :(

PCSCCC – Beta 1

Beta 1 is available now

For those who might not know, PCSCCC is short for “Paradox’s C-Sharp Cyan Chat Client”; and has been an ongoing project of mine for close to a year. Tonight I present to you the first Beta release (think Linux beta, not Microsoft beta). It requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher (Mono will run it, but there are a few bugs in Mono itself that render it nearly unusable).

I could rehash the release notes here… but instead I’ll direct you to the PCSCCC info page.

For those who want a direct download link: PCSCCC (.zip format).

I’m an immoral thief :D

So apparently using the AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox is stealing, immoral, cheating, dirty, and in violation of web-host rights.
I won’t rehash the same arguments again, but WhyFirefoxIsBlocked almost makes me glad that I installed it. It really does provide a great feature: Facebook and Yahoo look much cleaner without ads.

I reinstalled Ubuntu a few days ago because the beta version that I was running had killed by display drivers. I’ve got to say, you never realize just how much stuff you install until you need to install it all again. :P

On Thursday (well technically early Friday morning); I had an interesting chat with Brice Tebbs in CyanChat about Plasma. *huggles the screenshots of Plasma from 1997/1998*
Of course, that meant that on Friday when I went into the city, that I was running on 2 hours sleep. Remind me never to do that again :P

There was a Guild of Writers meeting yesterday; and UruRadio interviewed me today about HuruStudio. Things are picking up, and hopefully we’ll see some nice progression into the future.

On people who take control…

Okay buddy, stop it.

We have control here, we have a plan. Don’t try to bring us down. We’ve stated several times that we have a plan, and yet you insist on trying to make us go against our plan. Stop it.

You know that we aren’t ready, that we’re still discussing things; yet you decide to bring everything into the public eye and onvolve everyone who shows any form of interest. Stop it.

You… yes you. You will not ruin our project, we have control. Without us, there is no project. Keep that in mind.

[Generic blog post title]

[Generic blog post content]…

So I’ve pretty much been lazy for the past few weeks, I’ve managed to completely destroy a few things (including my sleep cycle, and my Myst V installation).

Yeah, who’da thunk that weird things happen when you stay up ’til 3 am every night >.>

Anyways, I was playing around with my Myst V installation; trying to add an Age to the game, so I did some weird PRP hacking…
Unfortunately, Myst V is completely different from Uru and no one is entirely sure of anything when it comes to Myst V and PRP objects. So I managed to generate 4 stackdumps upon launch. (and yes, I’m still blaming you RIUM+ :P )

Also, for anyone wondering about some of the random stuff that they are seeing on my Facebook profile (like the “Married to TW” group); you need to spend a lot more time in CyanChat. :P

*poofs in a bout of noise that sounds suspiciously like “ZED!”* ;)

Familiar Voices (Day III) & 1 YEAR!

Firstly, I have officially been blogging for over a year! *hands out cake*

I did three QA sessions today for the Guild of Writers. It looks like there might be some hope after all.

The biggest problem is walking into a “Writers Guild’s Bevin” and seeing something like this on the imager:
imager screenshot

That upset me quite a bit: I didn’t recognize the name, which usually indicates that the person hasn’t been involved with Age building in the past; which means that they likely don’t know about the tools and the work involved, and from the post, they didn’t even really seem interested in creating Ages.

I hate feeling like I’m monopolizing Kirel, so I’m actively trying to encourage other Guilds to put representatives in Kirel to answer questions (Greeters and Cartographers especially).

Also, have you seen this post by chucker? If not… what are you waiting for?!