Familiar Voices (Day I)

I woke up today, found out that I’d already missed a lot of story, and decided that I’d just idle in CC instead of going into MOUL.

Sad isn’t it?

MOUL’s storyline just doesn’t seem to hold any interest anymore. Episode 1 was amazing, there was conflict; there was suspense; there was very little Bahro…

I’m not interested in the Bahro, I’m not interested in the DRC. I’m much more interested in a Yeesha/DRC conflict; in actual story and in history. Personally, the politics of the DRC are making me ill.

Then I find out random whispers of a guild structure (and mentions of a Guild of Writers). That set me off. Cyan is opening a can of snakes without a care. They will destroy the community through politics like these.

1) There are so many fan-Age creation groups out there right now that it will be a pain to organize something unless a completely new group is started from scratch.
2) The only tools out there right now aren’t compatible with MOUL. HuruStudio won’t be ready for a long while yet.
3) Who will lead a Guild of Writers? I guarantee, if some random person comes up and tries to claim ownership of the Guild then it will probably push me out of the community completely. H’uru, Alcugs, AgeBuilders, etc. have worked for years to bring fan-content to Uru.

We will not lose our chance now.


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