D’ni Jazz Club

Tweek (owner of the D’ni Jazz Club) has long been wanting an actual Jazz Club in Uru. The Kahlo pub seemed a good location.

A few days ago he posted a link to a mock up image that he had created. Feeling either inspired, bored, or insane (likely all three); I set out to build it in Blender and export it.

I started by grabbing the Kahlo Pub from the city and importing that, then slowly repairing all of the damage/cracks/rubble. Then I added crates and banners and a few other things.

Blender Rendering:

Plasma Rendering: (too dark at this point)

Of course, it uses a LOT of Cyan assets, so it can never be released; but it’s a fun little project. It’s especially interesting to look at how Cyan constructs their objects and how everything fits together.

Anyways, in doing this, I had to change the collision settings on the floor and encountered a cool bug. If you give an object a mass and set collision on it (particularly a floor or a wall), when you link in and land on it, you’ll push it downwards and it will start falling (with you on it) until your weight eventually causes it to flip and send you spiraling down to a panic link. Ah, the joys of Havok!


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