Familiar Voices (Day I)

I woke up today, found out that I’d already missed a lot of story, and decided that I’d just idle in CC instead of going into MOUL.

Sad isn’t it?

MOUL’s storyline just doesn’t seem to hold any interest anymore. Episode 1 was amazing, there was conflict; there was suspense; there was very little Bahro…

I’m not interested in the Bahro, I’m not interested in the DRC. I’m much more interested in a Yeesha/DRC conflict; in actual story and in history. Personally, the politics of the DRC are making me ill.

Then I find out random whispers of a guild structure (and mentions of a Guild of Writers). That set me off. Cyan is opening a can of snakes without a care. They will destroy the community through politics like these.

1) There are so many fan-Age creation groups out there right now that it will be a pain to organize something unless a completely new group is started from scratch.
2) The only tools out there right now aren’t compatible with MOUL. HuruStudio won’t be ready for a long while yet.
3) Who will lead a Guild of Writers? I guarantee, if some random person comes up and tries to claim ownership of the Guild then it will probably push me out of the community completely. H’uru, Alcugs, AgeBuilders, etc. have worked for years to bring fan-content to Uru.

We will not lose our chance now.

The future of Mysterium

Mysterium has always been an event that I had hoped to attend, a gathering of Myst fans. 2006 was a great year, everyone gathered at Cyan Worlds headquarters in Spokane (*wishes he’d been there*). 2007 was a bit different.

Traditionally there has been a Mysterium committee of about 5 people with various volunteers. In 2007, the voting was held, and it was decided that Mysterium would occur in LA. However, no committee members were going to be there. That left all of the planning and detail work up to the few LA locals, one of those being a good friend of mine.
She had very little contact with the committee (basically an initial email and then some IM conversations). Yet somehow, it seemed expected that she would get the whole event organized and carried out.

The event went quite well from what I heard (*again wishes that he’d been there*). I was in CyanChat prior to the event. I can assure you, it was not easy for any single person to try to plan an event of that size. Only in the very last few days before the event was any sort of help offered.

In CyanChat, we were discussing how it was sad that no one knew who was on the Mysterium committee, and that no one knew how to contact them. It was also noted that very few of the committee members were still active in the community. In CyanChat a group formed with the intention of trying to bring more community interaction to the committee.

Then only a day after Mysterium, Scraper resigned from the committee (which left everyone unsure who was on the committee). Mihshehl had apparently resigned; Ran had left the community; Scraper had resigned; Salar was nowhere to be seen; and we didn’t know if there was anyone else, or who they were, or how to contact them, etc.

The aforementioned group was worried that Mysterium might not have a future if no one stepped up to keep it alive. They put out a post to various forums describing (albeit loosely) their intentions. They did not want to “overthrow” the existing committee, as far as they knew, no one from the committee was left. The CyanChat group had intended to contact Lehsa and RAWA to find out who (if anyone) was still on the committee, and how to contact them; but Lehsa was away, and RAWA didn’t respond immediately.

Mihshehl saw the post and started flaming. Not the CyanChat group, but a single person from that group. The person who worked; amid personal difficulties, education, moving and much more; to organize Mysterium 2007. The event would not have happened without her.

You think they want the “power”, and the “glory”? You think that they want to take control of Mysterium for their own benefits?

They don’t. They simply want Mysterium to continue, and at the moment, the original committee doesn’t look like it’s in any shape to do that. They want to work with the committee members who have experience.

What bothers me most is that only one person is consistently being flamed, and it’s the wrong person. The lady who organized Mysterium 2007 is a good friend of mine, and has in no way done anything to deserve the attacks against her.

You claim that you left the committee 2 years ago… yet you say only a few lines down that you “cannot speak to the whole committee”. Are you, or are you not on the committee? Make up your mind.
You say that all of the committee members were listed on the Mysterium.net website… but (what do you know) that website is broken, and gives no one any way of getting information.

Am I against the committee? No. Am I against the CyanChat group? No. All that I want is to have the chance in the future to be at a Mysterium gathering and to meet the people that I’ve come to know through the community.

Am I against people who bash others for no reason, especially when they claim that they’ve already given up all ties to the subject? Yes.


:/ I really haven’t said much recently.

I reinstalled Ubuntu on Friday night, and then did an upgrade from Feisty to Gutsy. So far I love it, I’ve only booted into Windows once in the past 5 days (and that was only to test that I had gotten grub set up correctly).

Otherwise… not much to say :/

D’ni Jazz Club

Tweek (owner of the D’ni Jazz Club) has long been wanting an actual Jazz Club in Uru. The Kahlo pub seemed a good location.

A few days ago he posted a link to a mock up image that he had created. Feeling either inspired, bored, or insane (likely all three); I set out to build it in Blender and export it.

I started by grabbing the Kahlo Pub from the city and importing that, then slowly repairing all of the damage/cracks/rubble. Then I added crates and banners and a few other things.

Blender Rendering:

Plasma Rendering: (too dark at this point)

Of course, it uses a LOT of Cyan assets, so it can never be released; but it’s a fun little project. It’s especially interesting to look at how Cyan constructs their objects and how everything fits together.

Anyways, in doing this, I had to change the collision settings on the floor and encountered a cool bug. If you give an object a mass and set collision on it (particularly a floor or a wall), when you link in and land on it, you’ll push it downwards and it will start falling (with you on it) until your weight eventually causes it to flip and send you spiraling down to a panic link. Ah, the joys of Havok!


We got home last night (a few days early).

We mostly did the usual tourist attraction stuff, but we hiked down the old railway line to a hotel that looked exactly like something waiting to be made for Uru (so, as I’m typing this, I’m also waiting for Blender to finish a Boolean Intersect to cut out some windows). We took some inflatable tubes down a canal, which was a LOT of fun.

What wasn’t fun, was the 39 unread emails waiting for me >.>