A New Light: Day II

Today started off amazingly well, The Great Zero started (we melted another Auth server) and I spent most of the day partying in TGTP.

Then I linked into TGTP later tonight only to be confronted by the elitist “Guild” of Relayers. I tried to make my opinion known, and was quickly labeled as a troll. *shrug* This kind of stuff doesn’t belong in Uru.

I’m not even sure if I’ll go back into Uru for the rest of the episode; I’m certainly not a “people person”. :(

Then I found this post from a while back on Nommie’s blog. :D


One thought on “A New Light: Day II

  1. Sharaya says:

    Hi Darryl,

    I knew this had to be the same person when I read your post on the mystonline forum. : )

    I’m sorry you think we are an elitist group. We are not. I really would have welcomed your help with the relaying in Watchers. I was getting tired. I didn’t know where your stuff was coming from and couldn’t pm you due to the lag and the long explorer list. It would have been great if we could have traded off relaying the question, then the answer. It works so much better that way. I also would have had no problem leaving you to finish the relaying as I had a family I needed to get to. However, you didn’t respond when I asked if you wanted me to stop so you could take over.

    I didn’t label you a troll. If others did, that’s too bad. I saw some say they thought you were just trying to help. The same way you periodically told people the history of the Pub, how to turn off shadows to reduce lag, etc. Those things you told people were helpful although some might have thought you were coming across as self-important.

    I’m sorry if your pub experience didn’t go well. I won’t be relaying there in the future and we do have UO and GOG hood members relaying in the UO and GOG2 hoods at the request of the hoods.

    Don’t worry about thinking you aren’t a “people person”. I thought you did just fine. I appreciated your comments and turned my shadows off too. It was a great suggestion. : )

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