A New Light: Day I

The latest Uru episode started today, and at 8:30 this morning, the complaints were already flying (admittedly, it didn’t help that Cyan managed to corrupt the city_District_Textures.prp file during the update).

The most amazing thing was this evening, when 137+ people all linked to the newly opened Great Tree Pub (Watcher’s Sanctuary, Watcher’s Pub, etc.). There was NO Server-side lag (no link-in lag; no packet freezes, it was beautiful).

Of course, the client-side graphical lag is always there. Disabling shadows helps a LOT.

Anyways, we start a party in the Pub with dancing and talking and random chatter. I was told repeatedly by one person (from the Guild of Greeters no less) that my dancing was rude and that it was causing unnecessary lag and that I should leave. (This only caused more dancing, by the way).

I also got into an argument with someone who refused to disable shadows, and continued to complain about the lag.

Already many people are calling for a hood instanced Pub, which I think is a horrible idea. You don’t get a sense of community when you lock yourself away in hood instances. Besides, there wasn’t much lag, so there is no reason for a hood instance.

*sigh* So, let’s see if tomorrow is any better; the Great Zero is set to turn on at 4:00 MDT; and I fully expect complaints regardless of how well/poorly it goes.

Whatever happened to the nice community that I joined in the UU days? It seems that I find argument and hatred no matter where I turn, and it disappoints me :(


One thought on “A New Light: Day I

  1. Hoikas says:

    It was the same in UU. :P

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